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Yellow gold sleeper hoop earrings tutorial

Yellow gold sleeper hoop earrings tutorial

Hi and welcome to an instructional video from
Arran View Jewellery and hair accessories. We’re having a look at our range of 9 carat
yellow gold hoop earrings today – sometimes known as sleepers, endless earrings, and tubes. Shown here are our 10, 12, 14, 18, and 22mm
hoops with a 5 pence coin to give an idea of their size. You can see that we supply them in both a
plain and a diamond cut finishes. This is our smallest 10mm hoop and firstly
we take them off the pin. The hoops are hollow and have a wire welded in to one side, so
we locate the wire and the hold the hoop at either end. Now if we use a twisting motion
and push one end away while pulling the other end towards the hoop will open. The hoops
are designed to allow for this twisting to open. You must never pull apart the ends of
the hoop. Here we have a 14mm diamond cut hoop which
was returned by a customer. You can see there is a kink at the bottom of the hoop. This
damage is not repairable and was caused by the hoop being pulled apart instead of twisted
open. Finally we have an 18mm diamond cut pair of
hoops. Once again we use the twisting action to open the hoop and remove it from the holding
pin. Once the hoop is in your ear you can use a similar action to put the wire back
in the hoop end. They are designed to be gently twisted and bent and as long as you don’t
pull apart the hoop they will last. Once it’s in your ear you can then pull the hoop through
and hide the wire at the back of your ear.

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  1. Thanks for watching! If you haven't already purchased your hoops they are available here

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