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What’s Diamond Fish Eye Effect? GIA Diamond Triple Excellent & Super Ideal Cut Diamond Buying Guide

What’s Diamond Fish Eye Effect? GIA Diamond Triple Excellent & Super Ideal Cut Diamond Buying Guide

hi everyone welcome to our diamond buying guide educational video channel my name is Casey today we’re gonna talk about a
particular nasty effect that you never want on your diamond ring which is the
diamond fish eye so what is a diamond fish eye well this occurs when a diamond
is cut too shallow where it’s table is cut to wide usually this is combined with a
shallow Pavillon angle and thicker girdles when this happens the reflection
of the girdle can be seen through the table creating a nasty fish eye effect this
creates a very dull and ugly appearance on the diamond which literally looks
like a dead fish eye for this diamond I’m using in this video it has a 60%
table thirty two point five degrees cone angle and slightly thick girdle typically a diamond with fisheye will
have white and black area set to dead center this is the reflection of the
culet area and when this gets to wide it causes the arrows to be much shorter
which reduces the fire and I’ll show it to you later
now if you notice there are lots of dark areas at this midsection these dark
areas are actually the reflection of the girdles as the table is cut way too wide
looking at the aset scope it shows that there is no contrast in the arrows but
overly contrasted in the table this creates a very blend effect in the
large middle area of the diamond while the contrast at the table kills off the
brilliance of the diamond now let’s make this more interesting by comparing it
with other diamonds the diamond you see here in the middle is a super ideal cut diamond
which is cut in much better proportions and light performance I’m filming the
diamond now under diffuse fluorescent lights now under this lighting it is the
best I think to see the brilliance of the diamond the brightness the
contrast the cut patterning can all be easily seen here the first thing you’ll
notice is the very black very crisp and very distinct black arrows of the super
ideal cut diamond not only that you can tell just how bright this diamond is thanks
to its strong light return now when we move to the diamond on the right here
this is the fisheye effect you can tell it’s very bland and the culet area is
very large very very sharp arrows hardly any contrast which literally makes the
diamond look pretty dead so when I compare these two diamonds
side-by-side it’s like day and night there is simply no contest here and just
for fun I brought out a common triple excellent diamond here on the left so
this is a standard GIA diamond when it’s cut polished and symmetry are
all excellent however if you notice the middle part of this GIA diamond where the
table area is and there are several dark grey or black patches here because these
are where the light leakages are at so you notice when I move the diamond up
and down these dark grey areas just moves around the middle of the gia diamond
because those light leakages areas won’t give out any brightness now when I
compare it side-by-side with the super ideal cut you can see which is the
winner again the super ideal cut diamond is much more brilliant with a strong contrast
and brightness whereas the triple excellent diamond is just a lackluster stone and
when we see these three diamonds all together there’s only one that stands
out the most now let’s see the fire and scintillation of these three diamonds
we’re seeing them under LED lights that are shining on the diamonds at different
angles the super ideal cut diamond arrows just lights up so so easily and just blazes
everywhere and you see the other two diamonds on the side I like struggling
so hard to light up it’s like almost almost and it’s gone
the fisheye diamond on the right fares the worst as it’s arrows are very sharp and
almost deformed so it is expected that it will hardly have any fire here now
when I move the lights to a lower angle just look at these hotspots in a super
ideal cut lighting up it creates a very very beautiful and mesmerizing pattern
which also gives the diamond this crazy scintillation only diamonds that are cut
with perfect optical symmetry is able to achieve this effect the facets must
align perfectly and be extremely symmetrical any slight deviation of
symmetry will disrupt this beautiful patterning and here’s another angle when
I move the lights even lower those large areas near the arrowheads flare this is
where the crown area is at where you’ll also get to see those big chunky rainbow
flashes and when you observe the other two diamonds the crown area is barely
showing any fire it’s mostly made up of random bits of fire here and there this
is exactly what makes the super ideal cut diamond so special and outstanding in many
aspects so here’s a little surprise I did I mounted all three diamonds on
actual solitaire settings to show you guys how these diamonds will look like
in real life when they are actually on a ring here they are in the same order
under natural sunlight so I’m filming the diamonds outdoors now and you can
just see how fiery this super ideal cut diamond is those intense colourful rainbow
flashes are like laser beams shooting out all over the diamond it stands out
so much and it just makes the other two diamonds pale in comparison now when we move to the fisheye Diamond
on the right there’s hardly any fire coming out the diamond looks flat and
lifeless this is not what you want for your diamond and moving to the left most
is the GIA triple excellent diamond similarly there is a very low fire the most is
you’ll get those occasional surface reflection shine but not much colorful
rainbows there next up is then under cloudy lights so
these are them being filmed under a shade or cloudy light environment
which is a little similar to the diffused florescent lights the super
ideal cut arrows gets even more distinct here and you get to see just how
sharp and beautiful each of the facets are the diamond looks very bright very
brilliant and this is the look that you want for your diamond moving to the
right the fisheye diamond is in a mess there is no clear patterning and it
looks very dead here as well the GIA diamond triple excellent diamond looks about the
same the arrows are a little visible but you don’t get to see any contrast in
them and the table looks very dark and now we have them under shopping-mall
lights where they typically use strong lights such as LED or spotlights this is
where you’ll be able to see a mixture of the brilliance and fire and the super
ideal cut diamond performing very well here to the fisheye diamond looks the same
nothing much going on here it’s like a very boring diamond to look at the
triple excellent GIA diamond fares a little bit better but still it has that
lackluster look but this still isn’t something you want for your diamond ring
to avoid this we recommend the table of the diamond to not exceed fifty eight
percent anything over it will be on the wider side and your diamond will have a
higher risk of getting this kinda fisheye diamond effect so I hope you guys enjoyed this diamond 101 video do subscribe to our YouTube channel for more of these diamond buying guide videos and thank you for watching

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