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Watch how to create the Tree Top Earrings by Fusion Beads

Watch how to create the Tree Top Earrings by Fusion Beads

[Allison] Hi,
welcome to Fusion Beads. Today, I’m gonna show you how
to make our Tree Top earrings. These earrings are made
using basic right angle weave to create an adorable
little bead-woven tree that’s perfect for the holiday season. (bright instrumental music) To make these earrings you’re going to need six of these three millimeter sunflower Swarovski crystal bicone beads. Then, six of the three
millimeter, four millimeter, five millimeter, and the six millimeter olivine Swarovski crystal bicone beads. And then two of these light smoked topaz Swarovski crystal bicone beads. A pair of the 17 millimeter Base Metal Flat French ear wires with coil. About six feet of your clear
FireLine braided bead thread. A size 12 beading needle, and Xuron Thread and Fiber Scissors. You can find all of these product links in the description below. Okay, let’s get started. Okay, to start you want
to thread your needle with about three feet
of your beading thread. Then, you want to string one of the six millimeter light
smoked topaz bicone beads. And then three of these six millimeter olivine bicone beads. Okay, then you just want to bring it down, thread, giving about a six inch tail. Okay, and then you just want to go back through all four beads. Then, just pull tight,
and that’s going to create just one circle unit there. Then, I’m just gonna go through all the beads again just to reinforce. Okay, and you want to be going out this bead here, so that the light smoked topaz bicone is on the bottom. Just string through your beads till you’re coming out this bead here. Okay, there’s your
first little circle unit using your six millimeter bicone beads. Now, we want to move on
to the five millimeter. So we’re now just going to string three five millimeter
olivine bicone beads. Then, you go through that
six millimeter bicone bead. We’re just gonna form
another circle unit here with our five millimeter, and
then the one six millimeter. Then, we’re just gonna go back
through all the beads again just to reinforce, so
it’s nice and sturdy. Okay, again, you want to be
going out this top bead here. So just string through your beads until you’re going out that
top five millimeter bicone. Okay, now you have your two units here. Now, we’re gonna move on
to the four millimeter. So, again, you just
take three of the beads. String three four millimeter, and then you’re just gonna go back through that five
millimeter bead, pull tight. That’s gonna create another unit. I’m just gonna go through
those again just to reinforce. Okay, then you want to be
coming out this top bead here because you’re gonna
want to add another row. Okay, now we want to move on to the three millimeter bicone beads. So, once you’re coming out that top the four millimeter bead, string three three millimeter olivine bicone beads. And then go back through the four millimeter, pull tight. And, again, just go
through all of those again. Okay, just go through those three millimeter beads until you get to that top three millimeter bead. Then, once you’re coming out
that bead I’m going to add what will kind of be
the star of this tree. And that’s gonna be these three millimeter sunflower bicone beads. So, just string three of those. Again, just go back through
that three millimeter olivine bicone bead,
creating another unit. Go through all those beads again. Okay, then you just want to be coming out that last three millimeter
bicone bead on the top here. So, there you have your tree all woven up using the right angle weave technique. Now, we just want to add our ear wire. Just grab an ear wire, and we’re not gonna open up this loop at all. We’re just going to string through it. Just go ahead and string through
the loop of the ear wire. And then you’re gonna go back through the three
millimeter bead on top. Okay, I’m just gonna want
to repeat that a few times. So, go through the loop and back through the bicone bead, pull tight. Okay, one more time,
thread through the loop. Back through the bicone bead. Pull tight, okay, and this is gonna secure that ear wire to the bead woven tree. Now we just want to go
back down your beadwork. A little bit just to reinforce
and secure your thread. Just kind of go back down row by row. And you can do this as many rows as you want or as much as you want until your bead woven piece
is as stiff as you want it. You don’t want it too stiff to where you can’t get your
needle through the beads. But just kind of go through and reinforce. Okay. Okay, you can see it’s still
a little bit flimsy here. We want it to be nice, kind of more stiff like this earring here. So I’m just gonna go
ahead and keep weaving through my right angle
weave a little bit just to reinforce it a little bit
more, and we’ll be right back. Okay, I went ahead and finished weaving through my beadwork here
just to reinforce it and make it a little more
stiff, just so it lays properly. Now, you just need to
use your Xuron Thread and Fiber Scissors,
and just trim the tails of your thread as close to
the beadwork as you can. Okay, and there you have
one earring complete. And then you, of course,
just want to repeat all of that for your other earring. And then you’ll have
a fun and festive pair of Tree Top earrings to
wear for the holiday season. You can find all of
the tools and materials to make these earrings at (bright instrumental music)

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  1. It would be nice if her hands were in the center of the frame. Many times she is actually out of the shot! Also, when using white thread, better if the background isn’t white, too!

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