49 thoughts on “Using Sliding Knots for Leather Bracelets | Making Jewelry”

  1. the demonstration was extremely poor.  no explanation at all and you're using black leather on a black backgroud.

  2. I know I'm not the first person to mention how hard it was to see the black cording on the black background – but please!  Just a few inches away you had a nice tan mat that would have really helped.  Thanks for taking the time to share with us.  Now if you take the 2 common feedback points of a contrasting background along with verbal descriptions of what you are doing you'll probably make a great video.

  3. I've watched several of these videos with the same women and I can never understand a thing she's doing. Please find someone who can explain things better.

  4. would be nice if I could see your work… camera angles make it tough to see what your doing…. I couldn't see how you did knots at all…. redo video?

  5. I think what you are doing is great.  You may wish to use a lighter color cord  instead black as the background is black; as a result  I could not see exactly what you did.

  6. It's hard to see what your doing. Black cord on black background. I wished I could see because I like your general style and would like top learn from you.

  7. It would really help if you told us what you are doing and put your bracelet on the lighter colored background so we could see what you are doing. Would love to be able to make this but can't make out what you are doing. Thanks for the effort.

  8. this is not an instructional video, just saying "do this, move this, like this", that is not instructional. We can't see what you're doing, you talk about "eyeballing" the size for an average woman's wrist?? You need to provide specific measurements in inches, what is the length you start with? How much of each tail do you bend back? tell us which end of the leather you're moving? are you moving it in front of the main strand? behind the main strand? which way are you wrapping? How many wraps? where do you feed the ends? this was not an instructional video.

  9. I stopped the video a few seconds in. I couldn't see anything. Black on black not a good idea. Then I see the comments and i guess Im not the only one.

  10. For Tam I was excited to learn to make this but you can't see a thing on the background and dark clothing. Please redo the video!

  11. Sorry, but even reaching forward and using the lighter surface right in front of you would have made more sense. Black cord, black background and no clear instruction=a non-useful video

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