I want to tell you: “Guess where we’re going” But it’s in the video title, so it can’t really work Asics was really good to us! As you can tell, we’re going to Africa It’s a joke They live in the future Is it taking us to the location ?! Man ! We’re in South Korea, can you believe that? We’re going to eat with Corean friends of mine They might take us to some cool place You’re all right ? Not on the road man “comme ça ?” (“like that” in French) “like that” ? “like that”, you say it like that It’s crazy I’ve followed these guys on Instagram for 3 years We never met before And first day I’m in Seoul Bro It’s promising ♪ Sings Koba LaD ♪ Today is about tourism We’re supposed to meet with Paul Alex has also arrived It’s gonna be cool See you! That’s where we’re going The only thing that I don’t really understand Is that we’re supposed to go up… And that’s not quite what we’re doing I think that… I should have taken Corean 101 Who was in charge of reading the signs? We were supposed to go the other way bro! Come on I haven’t signed up for this! I’m not gonna say anything If you watch Views’ videos Paul, Corean He’s going to show us some cool spots It’s like seashells But it is called “Penis fish” Because it looks like a penis We’re going to meet with Lubaki We’re in Asia bro! Look at this! We’re in front of the guy who created Corean’s alphabet I mean, it’s not really him, but you feel me Woooow man You need to see that This girl took a selfie with me Look at what she put on it Woooow She wants to be queen of Wakanda or something? What the f*ck bro? Woooow I don’t like to judge but… You need to avoid doing things like that The city looks dope man It’s way too good bro Seoul man I’m still shook bro Tomorrow is Fashion Week I’m gonna be at Seoul’s Fashion Week I’m in Seoul for the Fashion Week Aaaaaaah man We are heading to DDP This is where all Seoul’s fashion shows take place Unlike Paris for instance Where you have to move all around the city Here everything comes down to this place It is really cool, so technic, so tactic It is complicated for me right now The pictures I like to do They are about movement, details, superpositons It’s hard here This guy just has to zoom in, zoom out, job done! Look! So easy! So? How many photos? Look, 100 photos to edit Over 400, it’s ok You shot 400 photos? Let me see how many I got 2423 But me, I have to I need to capture a precise instant I must be in continuous shooting mode While he is in 70-200 It means that in fact He has a sick objective It means that when he sees something over there That he likes He’s like that And he has a full look Because Alex Mostly shoot full look photos I’m more in the blur In the artistic blur Fashion Week, Séoul, Day 2 I’m gonna edit quickly Because we are expected for dinner And even if I’m black I like to be on time So, let’s get to work We’re now in Hongdae’s neighborhood Which is the neighborhood… of the night life ! As a result As it is a night life area And as we’re in Asia… KARAOKE ! The karaoke is actually in a mini-market Above the mini-market is the karaoke It’s crazy yeah, it’s a crazy And welcome tonight We meet in Seoul for a great evening Here we go… Look at Lubaki bro He looks like a local The name of the palace means “Palace of Resplendent Happiness” So you have to feel comfortable Tell me Alex, Did you know that this palace was built in 1394? I didn’t, is that true Marc-Henri? Yes, it’s true But Your Japanese friends…. Have come to destroy it Oh, that’s not good! Did you know that Gucci Was also part of the traditional Korean dress? Now you know But what Alex doesn’t know Is that my shoes Are much cooler than his Look at this It’s like our pictures Much more detailed than I am You take full looks what so ever Mine are detailed Is that a detail? That’s not details When people see my photos We understand what’s on it People understand what’s on mine as well Except it’s in the details Dude, you know what we’re gonna do? A challenge! Welcome to the Korea Fashion Week Challenge Who will oppose Marc-Henri to Lubaki In a photo duel The rules are simple Take 5 photos With 5 constraints Shoot a pair of Asics A duo photo As well as one in landscape mode A portrait To end up on a full look! I’ll keep a close eye on all this! After each photo, the players must come back here to touch the pole And now, let’s get ready to rumble! Asics, Asics, Asics… Asics, Asics, not yours, huh… Wait, that guy has some! 1-0, I’m crushing you bro What’s next after Asics? Couples? OK Pictures of a duo, not a couple Duo, duo, duo… Duo, boom, done! What do we actually have to do? What are we supposed to do now? Landscape? Oh shit! Quick, quick Quick, quick That’s not a good idea That’s not a good idea at all! I have to try something else, because I’m not sure about that It’s okay, it’s her What’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on? Look at him Look at him He is flexing But when the results will come Of who got the best picture We’ll see Boom We ain’t flexin’ We’ll let you We’ll let you You know it Want me to show it to you? No need to No need to It’s the hoodie of shame I kept the hat Because that man crushed me I admit that I’m pissed I’m pissed *Sings PNL’s “Au DD”* *Sings PNL’s “Au DD”* Today, we are going to shoot Fashion Week’s last day Look, it’s a gift Last day, we’re gonna try to catch the latest cool looks We have to pack our bags and everything I’m too lazy for that So, so lazy Help me Alex! Help me man!

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