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Two-Colored Square Knot Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

Two-Colored Square Knot Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

Hey everyone. Today, I’m going to be showing you how to make a duo-toned, or a two-colored square knot bracelet, and this time it’s going to be with a new string. It’s called braiding cord. I don’t know what it’s called, it’s kind of like a hemp material, but I got this at Walmart, and it just looks like this, and it comes with these colors like nude tones and like a light pink and yellow and green. I’m going to show you what the bracelets look like. And they just look like these, if you can see that, and I’m going to show you how to do this so keep watching. so I’m going to take my first color, which will be this blue one right here, I’m gonna unravel that real quick. You’re gonna take the string and hold this end, and then you’re just gonna wrap it around your wrist about four or five times loosely. And then I’m just gonna bring it over and join it back. And that is about good for mine. Even on the fourth go around it fits my wrist pretty well. And then you are going to take two pieces of the first color, then I’m going to take this pink color and, see how I already have my pieces. I am just going to open this up. However I can find – there it is – and you’re just gonna match them up, and then you’re gonna do two pieces of those as well, so just unravel – oh, and then there’s this little tie. That’s kind of annoying so I’m gonna have to cut that off and start from here now. Okay you take two. I am going to match them up and unravel it until I get it to match my ends. And you’ll notice that these strings will be very long, but this bracelet is really fast to make and it’s actually very easy once you really know what you’re doing. I’ve probably made about 15 of these, not kidding at all, and once you have your strings pretty matched up at the top you’re gonna make a pretty good sized tail – I would say about this long – but you’re just going to tie it in an overhand knot. You want to get it pretty far I guess. I really don’t know. Sometimes I make them really short, or I end up making these really big, and the knots here are kind of bulky, so you want to pull really tight on these strings so you can make sure it won’t unravel. And then you are going to put it on your clipboard. This is a very awkward angle to work with. We can do this. Just slide it up, and I like to put the clipboard right on the knot like that. You’ll just have to be really careful when you pull on it because you don’t want to get it extremely tight when you pull on your strings. Now that we have that, you want to decide the placement of your strings. So really quick, I’m going to bring up a bracelet. So when you want a border, if you want a specific color for your border, you’re gonna have one of the strings go on the left side. So I’m just gonna put the blue one over because that’s where it ended up. And then for your middle, that is going to be on the right side, and it also depends on actually what you loop first. Like what I mean by this is if I want to get that border pink, I’m gonna start on the left side with this strand, but if I want my border to be pink, I’m gonna start with this string – I think this is a left handed thing – and start with the left. And then you’re gonna take these two and you’re gonna tape them down – you actually don’t need duct tape for it, I just didn’t have any scotch tape at the time, and then I just ended up carrying this with me because I like using this tape. Tape them down as far down the clip board as possible because this will make it a little bit easier. So the rest is extremely easy, It’s very fast. But first, what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna take my left strand, like a forward knot, I’m gonna make a four and then I’m going to take my right strand, put it over that string in this loop right here. Let me pull this up really quick. You are just kind of gonna thread it through under these strings. You can lift them up – that’s why I put them really far down so you can still lift them – and you’re gonna go through this hoop, pull it, and pull it relatively tight but not too tight since it is only the first loop. You’re gonna go to the right side, make a P, take the left strand and pull it over the blue. Thread it through these two and pull it through here. Visual learners would like this because I’m not very good at explaining, and then you just pull it. You have this color and, say you’re not satisfied with your brown being in the middle, You could just flip it over. It might be a little bit more bulgy and a little more noticeable, like this isn’t the right side, but you can just flip around and it’ll be like that. So say you lost track of which side you were threading on and you don’t know which one, so, if you look at this bracelet you can see that this is your border string, and you’re pretty much always looping with the one that isn’t the border. So if you get lost like here, notice how – and this will work actually for even doing a solid colored one of these. You just look at the one that isn’t looped over the middle like these are, you know what I’m saying? I guess you can’t answer me.. But I hope you know what I’m talking about. You notice that this one is not over anything, so you’re gonna loop the right side because you need to get this one over the blue. So this is your ending result, and I like to make up really cool patterns, like use the nude versions, and use like a nude on the inside and a color on the outside. And it kind of gives it a really cool look. Like it reminds me of summer, and I would bring them out, but I don’t know where they are at the moment. But yeah, thank you for watching, and I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and I hope this made sense too because that’s kind of all over the place. But yeah, thank you for watching!

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  1. FYI: I have tried this same method with embroidery floss. It works, but the end result is much narrower than with the braiding chord. To achieve a similar look with floss I would recommend doubling or even tripling each string. The pattern stays the same, but each string is now thicker.

  2. Brilliant video extremely useful (especially the part about getting lost on which string) thank you so much

  3. I've been doing hemp for about a month, and decided I need to learn how to do something else with it. haha. How do I thread the beads?

  4. you can find the waxed cord cotton on eatsy:

  5. i am wondering how you finish the bracelet, do you use all four at the end of cut two of them off? i know how to the adjustable part

  6. That was an excellent tutorial. Thanks so much for taking the time to share. I really like your choice of colours, particularly the blue and pink.

  7. I made this bracelet with rainbow cord for the sides, and black in the middle. I really like how it turned out. Thank you so much for teaching me how.

  8. lol omg this is an awful tutorial. now that you're older why don't you take it down to save yourself the embarrassment and or make another one

  9. Okay…I've watched several adults' confusing ass macrame tuts lol….YOURS is BY FAR the best! You are super cute in your instruction too haha. Good job, doll 😘 ✌ 🌼

  10. It doesn't matter whether the blue is on the left and pink on right or vice versa because this layout of strings (two of same colour on one side and the other two of a different colour on the other side) makes a reversible bracelet. one one side it will be blue in middle and on the other side it will be pink in the middle.

  11. I am not even lieing, this is seriously THEE best how-to video on youtube that I have ever seen!! Your bracelets are so beautiful Omg I can't wait to try them.. awesome job girl!!

  12. Thank Thank Thank you so so very much! I have tried and tried to understand how to make these but I am a visual learner and never could figure it out 😭 My boyfriend read one thing on Pinterest and made me a perfect bracelet 1st time 😐 He wanted one in return and months of trying still could not pull it off! He is going to be surprised 😊😊😊 Thanks to you😊😊😊

  13. Thank you so much for this video. I enjoyed watching it. Your description on how to do it was understandable specially for us visual learners.

  14. " I'd bring them out but I don't know where they are at the moment." Why does this have to describe my life perfectly?

  15. Great video. It was really nice, I was looking for this video for quite a while now and I finally found it! A lot of talking though. I think less talking would have made it perfect. 😊

  16. No matter what I do the knots wont stay at the top. As soon as I go to make the next "four" the knot starts falling towards the middle. I'm using embroidery floss so that's quite possibly the problem

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