Tuto : Bracelet Brésilien Péruvien facile (débutant)

Hello Hello ! Today is not really a Brazilian bracelet that I will show you It’s a bracelet that I know as “Peruvian bracelet” the technique is a little different some people also call it “Peruvian wave” because you can see that there are two kinds of waves in relief on the top it is a very easy bracelet to make and in addition it is fast to do too ! Let’s go ! Here are the two bracelets I made following the same model You can see that for one I put a metal closure and for the other I just have a loop and two strings that will allow to make a knot so if you’re interested I made a video about the different types of closures, the ones I use the most the video just appears right now on the screen to make this bracelet I used cotton strings these are the coils you see so I like to use the brand “Coton Cable 5” and I took 13 threads of 80 cm but the number of threads is not important, you can vary between 8 and 14 threads and then the number of colors does not matter either For this bracelet I took four colors however, you need a thicker string so I found nylon thread about 3 mm thick and I took a 1 meter string that I folded in half this thread will allow you to make the waves in relief Let’s go for the bracelet! to start I take the cotton strings, I leave about 4 or 5 cm and then I also take my big thread that I folded in half I leave just a little loop that will be used to make the closure and I’m going to tape all that Then you sort the cotton threads by color the order does not matter So these strings I will call them “thin threads” and his two strings I will call them “thick threads” so I take my first thin string he will make a double forward knot on the thin string so to make a double forward knot the thin thread goes through above forming a kind of 4 and I get it back in the hole and then I pull up the thin string I repeat the same thing a second time it passes over, I retrieve it into the hole and I pull it up I’m going to pass on the second thick string and do the same thing a double forward knot I do this a second time And here is the thin thread is all right and now it’s very simple I’m going to continue with the next thread, I’m going to do exactly the same thing I continue with my third string of the same color I always do two double forward knots on each thin thread And now I will continue to do exactly the same thing with each of the following threads so we change color but it’s the same job And here are all my thin threads are now on the right side and the two thick threads are on the left Now the thin threads will go the other way the thread that just worked will make a double backward knot on the big thread so he always passes over but this time he forms an overturned 4 the same one gets it in the hole and pulls it upwards but a little bit to the left we do it again a second time And we pull it up we will now make a double backward knot on the second thick thread An inverted 4, we get the thread back into the hole and pull it towards us and we do that twice And the thin string end up on the left side we’ll do that with all the other threads until all the fine threads are on the left side again We make double backward knots And here are all my fine strings are on the left So here I think you’ve noticed that the side you see while you’re working is not pretty so if you’re a little curious you can watch what it looks like at the back 😉 That’s still prettier! So here I let you continue to start again as in step 1 all fine threads must go right and then left again until you get the desired length my bracelet is finished! For the first bracelet I had a metal closure I took the fine threads and the big threads and I had everything stuck in my thread clamp but for this one I’ll make a closing with just knots with big threads I will cut all the fine threads and to block them I will put some glue And then I can cut all my fine threads I’m doing the same thing on the other side And I cut the strings And here is the bracelet of the pretty side I hope you like your bracelet and you are very proud of what you have just achieved! See you soon for a new tutorial!

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