Trendy @ Wendy: November 25

(crowd cheering) (crowd chanting) No, absolutely. So good. Ashley’s here. Her dress was $20 on the street. We were talking about how cheap dresses some, like you know, cute! Ashlee Glazer everybody. Thank you! It’s time for Trendy @ Wendy. Okay. Thank you by the way for sending me this stuff first. Rue La La has the most amazing items for the holidays this year. Cashmere esque. No, 100% cashmere. Oh, I didn’t look at the label. Really? Yes! 100% Sofia cashmere. It it is the softest most luxurious… I’ve been sleeping in mine. I have been wearing it everywhere, it’s the perfect… (mumbles) I got the pink one. I got the pink one. But I want the black, the ivory, the gray, the red. It’s perfect for every single person. It’s perfect airplane sweater. It’s really really short like if you’re gonna have it on as a robe you don’t want your mother and father to be over. (crowd laughs) It’s great over pajamas… You could wear jeans too or… Or with a man Or like over dress Or when a man comes over. Yes, exactly but the price is unbelievable. So it’s a perfect gift as well. We’re getting it. It retails… Okay. For $375. Cashmere cashmere calm down. We are getting it 73% off at just $99.99. 100% cashmere. (crowd cheering) Okay. I’m always swapping out pillows. I did this one too. I felt the cooling effect. It’s incredible. This is temper home. It’s the perfect match pillow. So I’ve actually have this pillow. I paid full price for it like two years ago. It has not lost it’s shape. It is cozy… You paid $140 for a pillow? I know. It’s insane. I really did. What are you a princess? No. I don’t know but I sleep like a princess. Okay. But now I can order so many more because I was only able to afford one so now I can get four of them.
Okay, how much? So it retails for $140 but we are getting it 64% off at just $49.99. (crowd cheering) And it’s machine washable. It’s machine washable. It’s like a cooling effect… And it melts. You like melt in. Yeah you melt into it. This is worth it. $49.99. All right, so far so.. Okay! This right here, I gave it to Sunshine. Doug did Sunshine get it? Sunshine you got it? It feels good. Doesn’t it Sunshine? Here, Sunshine. So this is from Kenneth Cole. This is reaction. It’s a leather duffle. It’s 100% Colombian gray leather. It’s so durable, sturdy. So good. So classic. You get the three different color options to choose from. Cognac, brown or black. With the adjustable strap. It fits everything. Perfect for holiday travel. This is so sturdy! This is not cheap. I’m gonna tell you this will last you forever. And it wears in beautifully. And it smells good and leathery. So it retails for $600. (screams) This is what a man needs to have. We’re getting it 78% off at $129.99. (crowd cheering) Perfect gift for any man and woman. Classic. And women! Classic. But your man would love this. So next up this is from Sarah Maxwell Beauty. This is her livylash daily ritual lash kit. Sarah Maxwell, she is actually a friend of mine. And she’s a beauty veteran. So this is a three step series. That is the lash serum to lengthen, and then you have the keratin treatment to strengthen your lashes, and then a mascara. So it’s a peptide based formula. It’s safe to use if you have a lash lift, if you have lash extensions. It makes them grow thicker, longer. It’s paraben-free. Cruelty free. And it’s a three steps series. It’s meant to be used together. How long do you have to use it? It says everyday but how? So you can use it everyday after four weeks you’ll start to see results. And it’s a six month supply. Oh, okay! Which is a lot. All right, six month. How much is this normally? So this set retails for $138. We’re getting it 50% off at just $68.99. (crowd cheering) Very good. Four weeks? Four weeks. Six month supply. Okay. Thank you for sending this to me to. All right. So this is from Wolf. Look, at first I thought it was a wallet. I was like I don’t want a wallet. You know wallets are very personal. You know, they have good luck or bad luck on them. But then I opened it up and realized… It’s a jewelry roll. It’s jewelry. Yeah. We love this. This is the Wolf Chloe jewelry roll. You see the beautiful laser cut design. I have this color. I have that color too. You can pick from the black or the cream. And then the inside it opens like what he’s doing and you have all these different compartments for your earrings… This is my favorite. The one that goes all the way down like this. For the diamonds, for the big pieces. And the material is anti-tarnish. So all your gems will stay nice and shiny. So you could put your studs here like that. And then your earrings, your rings. I love it. And then these are more shallow things and then you just close it up and you travel. And put it in your duffel bag. This is really good. So this retail for $125. Yeah? We are getting it 68% off at just $39.99. (crowd cheering) Worth it. Yeah, amazing. And finally… Finally, jewels. So this is from Invicta. This is the women’s angel watch set. It’s a really good brand.
It’s a really good brand. It’s been around since the 1800s and it’s an instant wrist game. So you get the seven different color options to go through. Sets of three. You get two bracelets and the watch. So it’s perfect. This is really good. One’s embezzled, one is solid. Do you stack bracelets with your watch? I like to stack them. Yeah!
I love it! I love your wrist game is like so I’m gonna try and .. Yeah but I love the bracelets and the watch and too much is never enough. Exactly. So it’s stainless steel and it’s waterproof for up to 100 meters. So if you’re swimming laps in the pool you can be like a fancy lady with diamonds in the pool. (laughs) So this retails for $895. We’re getting it for 89% off for just $89.99. (crowd cheering) Perfect! Ashlee Glazer, everybody! Thank you to our friends at Rue La La for these amazing deals. Go to (upbeat music)

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