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This Bracelet Can Regulate Your Body Temperature | Innovation Nation

This Bracelet Can Regulate Your Body Temperature | Innovation Nation

human beings are unique we may have the same organs bones and muscles but we feel things differently especially the
temperature some of us are hot some of us are cold and some of us are just
right what if you had control of your own body’s temperature and comfort level
simply by adjusting a dial on a device worn on your wrist I made the chilly journey to Boston Massachusetts to meet a couple of MIT
grads Sam Shames and David Cohen-Tanugi the co-founders of a startup called Embr Labs to see if I could warm up to one of
their innovative ideas a piece of wearable tech that alters your body’s
perception of whether it’s hot or cold that you can change the salubrious
device is called Wristify one of the ideas that we thought had a lot of legs
is this idea of heating and cooling people directly rather than heating and
cooling buildings so the big dream is essentially to revolutionize how we
think about technology to make technology that isn’t simply useful but
actually feels good technology that helps us Sam showed me the Embr Lab
which is literally one room I thought this was like the closet of Embr Labs this is it we are truly a startup so I set up a demo of some of our prototypes it’s not
gonna win any design awards for style but it works you can try this on you’re gonna strap it in oh I feel that right away yeah so it feels good
what is happening up here our skin is extremely sensitive to temperature
change so what’s happening kind of psychologically is that your brain is
over responding to the rapid temperature change which is why it feels so strong
relative to the actual temperature change that it’s getting that comes back
to the psychology of temperature and the fact that the more quickly you’re changing
temperature the stronger response you’re gonna get and the colder and better it’s
gonna feel Wristify is now in the wearable prototype stage made of smaller
engineered parts and rubber and uses a dial similar to one you’d find in a
watch to adjust the temperature to your personal comfort setting it can’t
truly alter your body’s core temperature but it can help alleviate uncomfortable feelings of hot or cold the next step is to make
it fashionable one of the big things that we spend time thinking about is how
fashionable our first product should be because we really think that we’re doing
something very novel we’re able to go basically within an afternoon from
something that’s been designed purely on the computer to a 3d printed version of
it like this one that I’m able to put on feel it show it to other people ask them what they think whether I think I’d be able to fit all the actual electronics into
it and so forth even though Wristify won’t be ready to buy for another year
random people who put it on and tried it felt the change and could see its
potential I would use it most probably on the golf course we’ve received
hundreds and hundreds of emails and for the overwhelming majority of folks and
temperature is a big problem that we just don’t really solve until now pretty
soon you’ll be able to keep your cool no matter who gets hot and bothered around

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