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The Yes Necklace – Trusting God When It’s Hard – Holly Starr

The Yes Necklace – Trusting God When It’s Hard – Holly Starr

Trusting God is not a natural thing. It takes effort. It takes intention. It’s a choice. Well, you know when you’re named after someone it’s like you can form this sort of special bond with them. At least I know I did. I loved my Grandma Starr. I was just a kid when my grandma became a widow. She had been married to my grandpa for over 54 years. I can’t even imagine that. “It’s something else. I’ll never forget him.” After my grandpa passed away, I got to spend a lot of time with Grandma and see widowhood up close in a way I’d never seen it before. The constant loneliness and the constant grief, it was so heartbreaking to see. So during this time I started making these necklaces with the word YES stamped on them. The idea was to give it to people as an encouragement to trust God, to say, “Yes, I trust you God,” despite life’s circumstances. So I gave one to my grandma knowing what she was going through and let me tell you what, she loved that thing. She wore it every day and I never saw her without it on. It was about 30 minutes after midnight when I got to the hospital after hearing that Grandma had an accident. I remember running into the hospital and laying next to her on the bed and getting a chance to whisper in her ear and say, “Grandma, it’s going to be okay.” I told her I loved her. I told her that I promised I would tell the world about her. And then I watch as she took her last breath. But what took my breath away in that moment was stepping back and looking down and seeing, still resting on her chest, that necklace that I made her. It was as if it was inviting me now to trust God. And it was in that moment that I thought, “What if this necklace is meant for more?” A favorite passage of mine in the book of James describes how one of the key aspects of our faith is to care for the orphans and widows in their distress. And I had dedicated time to the former, caring for orphans, but I had never thought about widows. What was I doing for the widow? So what I’m doing now is I’m hand-making these necklaces If you buy one you’ll get a second one free. So the first one is meant for you to wear as an encouragement to trust God, but the second one is for you to give to a widow that you know or maybe somebody who’s going through a hard season that might need the encouragement to trust. So when the plans we have for life get upset, we say, “YES.” And when things around us don’t make sense, we say, “YES.” And when God invites us to trust Him, we simply say, “YES.” And it’s in those difficult moments that sometimes we need a gentle reminder to trust, and that all begins with a simple YES.

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  1. Gracias preciosa sangre de Cristo, por concederme un milagro, los otros dos se que pueden tardar en llegar.

  2. It is a beautiful thing your doing Holly and you have such a beautiful voice, God bless you for all the joy you bring a lot of people. Keep going strong and always trust the Lord. God Bless you. from C. Starr

  3. Holly, I'm sorry about your grandmother. I've been listening to your music for a short time…my favourite Through my father's eyes,.. continue with that style… Faith!! 🙌 🙌 🙌

  4. Beautiful video. Bless us Lord that we may be accounted worthy to escape all the things that shall come to pass and that we will be able to stand before the son of man. hallelujah. Yes I trust you God. YES! My condolences. Wow beautiful testimony. 🌸👀🌸

  5. I am a widow. Just lost my husband this year on January to pancreatic cancer, after 5 years of marriage. I found this video as I was praying in my prayer room and it has brought tears to my eyes. It was like God saying ‘Trust Me’ , reminding me once again that He is faithful. Thank you for sharing this video and may God bless your heart and what you are doing for the orphans and widows.

  6. You're message for this necklace is so moving and intentional – to heal the hearts of a widow with the simple message of "YES" to Jesus is so thoughtful – God Bless You!

  7. Hi Holly, love the story of your grandmother & the closeness you had with her! What an encouragement your necklaces bring! ❤🕊❤

  8. Dear sister, may that gift of love in you spread to the whole world, your heart is so kind.God bless you

  9. I came across this video by divine accident (lol). Back in 1999, I was married to an abusive man, both physically and emotionally. He was also an adulter. My life was shattered and in pieces to the point that one night the pain had gotten so great, I almost took my life. But God! He came to me that fateful evening and spoke such a Word into my life. He first instructed me to write a book called Lord, Let There Be Light. He then told me to open a nonprofit for innercity abused women and children. The name: YES, Inc. (The word YES standing for Your Empowerment Source). Since then I have had to close the organization due to lack of money, but YES is still in my heart and I've always felt someday I will open it again. Coming across your video and your lovely necklaces have confirmed my dream of re-opening YES. When I do, I would like to partner with you to give your necklaces to the women and children we will serve. God bless you for your faithfulness through your pain of losing your precious Grandma.😇

  10. Sometimes we go through some difficult times in life we still have to remember to trust God ,I lost my son in a car accident I couldn't imagine how I was going to get keep living I put all my trust in god & in my grief I remember calling up to him to come be by my side. I went into a room & began to call jesus plz be with me I have to say he has never left me when my tears are endless he continues to wipe them away keep trusting & believing in jesus he's my everything ….I'm going to order this necklace for me & my daughter

  11. Hey just wondering if you know about…biblical end times..? and biblical spirituality connected with our Eternal Abba Father?..

  12. I love your necklace! Its inspiring and I see it as something even greater than you imagine. The design isn’t just for women it’s so perfect it can be gifted to a male. I have seven grandchildren, two daughters, one son in-law, four sisters and several friends. All Christians and all deserving of such a wonderful gift. God is so good to me, I have everything I need. However, I am on a fixed income. So I’m hoping, that if it’s Gods plan, I may purchase as many as I need for the ones I love. With Christmas quickly approaching I think what a beautiful gift. Who among us doesn’t need encouragement, reaffirmation and a reminder of our Saviors promise and how we are never alone.
    So you see, this simple, yet perfect gift is all embodied and embraces, while also, offering a small reminder of His unfailing love for each of us. It also serves to remind those uncertain and afraid, that He is always with us and will not forsake us.
    How often does one, when steeped in thought or even despair not touch our chest and if there is a chain, the cross, or in this case, a metal displaying “YES” we grasp ahold and pray?
    You have designed a very sweet and special piece of jewelry that can be for all and although some may say it is an idol, I prefer to see it as a shining emblem to not only give sanctuary to a lonely heart, but also provoke inquiries to share the meaning in front of this, which is why God placed this design on your heart.
    God bless you for loving your grandmother, your namesake so much that through, to her end, she proudly displayed and wore the very gift you designed from your heart just for her. For you to realize the potential and sharing not only her story but the legacy behind the necklace is a treasure all in itself.
    Thank you so very much and God bless you!

  13. It's Jacob, not James. That's the English scribes letting King James do a cameo in the King James, Bible. Mary would hv NEVER named her son an English name!!!! Cross it out in your Bible. Insert JABOB

  14. I don't know the name of the song for sure but we sing one at church sometimes that's pretty simple: "Isay 'Yes, Lord, Yes, Lord, yes, yes, Lord…..three times then AMEN.

  15. After 12 years of dialysis I got a kidney watch the Lisa Baxter show on YouTube share subscribe thanks blessings peace maybe you can be a guest on my show

  16. I was my 23 year with a wonderful man a gift from God what you said and did touched me I have a widow and patient hotline

    Please do watch.A tribute to all the faithful pastors all around the world.
    There are many Servants of God all around the world who sacrifice everything for us. I dedicate this video to all the faithful pastors with much respect and Love. Thank you so much for your dedication in obeying your calling and battling to win souls . May God bless you and fulfill all the promises HE made for you. Thank you for your contribution sister.

    Kafriya Praneeth

  18. Trusting god that he is going to heal my 3 year old son from his brain damage and his seizers and giving my baby back his eye sight and giving his hearing fully back praying for a fully restoration in Jesus name

  19. Hi Holly, I need one of those necklaces to remind me that I have to let go and trust in God! I forget and worry about everything. Thank you! God is Great, I was here struggling right now about my worries, my bills, financial situation and went to lunch and found you! telling me to trust in God..Thank you!

  20. Beautiful! Blessings to you Holly and so sorry about your precious grandma’s passing. I saw you at least ten yrs ago at a church and what a blessing to see your heart in this video and your faith and trust in God these years later. Truly a blessing to see. Earlier today in the midst of a painful storm I said out loud, Yes God I trust You & here it is several hours later and your video showed up. Thanks to big brother listening to us ! Ha. Ministry to the widows is beautiful. You have the heart Of God, Holly. May HE bless you richly. I loved the photos at the end of the widows. God bless them much. – Psalm 147:3-11

  21. Hi holly Starr I’m nine years old and I am a big fan of you I’m so sorry about your grandma thank you for all the goodness you said my uncle in law died I could not stop crying all the good things you said made me believe that god made it happen for his purpose and I really would like to get the yes necklace but it is to much money but even if I don’t have the yes necklace I will always say yes to god

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