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The Time Zack Morris Used Slave Labor To Sell Friendship Bracelets

The Time Zack Morris Used Slave Labor To Sell Friendship Bracelets

♫ Zack Morris Is Trash ♫ – The gang has to start a
business for a class project. Zack tried coming up with one, but all that thinking hurt his head. Lisa made friendship bracelets
in fashion club for her pals. Jessie’s about to confess
they don’t have diddly when Zack decides to pull a morning lie out of his ass. He says they’re selling
handmade friendship bracelets and Tuttle buys it. Screech says Lisa can
make 19 bracelets a day, but she won’t have time to sleep. Zack’s fine with that if
it means he’ll be rich. Zack has a painfully unimaginative fantasy where he buys the school and works out of the former principal’s office, surrounded by fake
magazines featuring his face and shoes adorned with dollar signs. He’s the fifth richest man in the world! Correction. – Fourth! I just bought Bill Cosby! – To learn a thing or two. Slater is his handyman and speaks with an
ambiguously ethnic accent. – You rang, Boss? – Lisa does all his manual labor, and never sleeps. Jessie has a respectable
job, because she’s white, but is really just a glorified secretary because she’s a woman. Belding’s his chauffer
because Zack is petty. And Kelly is his vapid,
gold digging trophy wife because that’s his idea
of a dream marriage. The gang is fired up about the bracelets! Lisa says fashion club can make 60 a day, 80 if they pay them! Zack says 60 is fine, just fine. Zack says they need a business name. Slater suggests Friendship Forever because there’s nothing
ominous about that. Next order of business: Who will be Vice President? Jessie nominates Zack. Zack is outraged because he assumed it’s a given he’d be president. Slater says they agreed
Jessie would be their leader. Zack says that was yesterday, when she was going to take the heat for not having a project, before they had a million dollar idea with this impossible to patent product anyone can make. Plus a president needs to be ruthless, not like Jessie snowflake Spanno. Jessie’s upset over
Zack’s bogus justification for unilaterally booting her and says she’s starting her own company with Slater and Kelly. Zack scoffs at her professional naivety, then warns he will crush them. Zack taunts Slater in the halls, and says if they beg him, he might let them back in
on this lucrative business of selling $5 bracelets one at a time. Zack announces they’ve made $120 so far and it’s all profit because
they’re using slave labor. Jessie made a video to introduce their new product to the market. It features a despondent emo Slater, whose miserable world gets totally rocked by Buddy Bands. Hell yeah! These Buddy Bands look amazing, way cooler than Zack’s dumb bracelets that will not help you dance with babes. Plus, they’re only $3.95! Zack complains that this product is too similar to his sweat shop jewelry. Jessie says they’re totally different, because his shit sucks
and Buddy Bands rule. Mr. Tuttle concurs. Zack’s whining about his failing business to a waiter who also does magic tricks. Because you should
definitely take life advice from a guy simultaneously
failing at two careers. Waiter Copperfield
suggests offering a premium to their clients. Screech says like a free
friend with every bracelet? This gives Zack a great idea. Zack doubles down on his
slavery business model by sending Screech out
as a personal friend for an hour with every bracelet purchase. Screech is exhausted from
being a homie hooker. Zack tells Lisa to rest up, because tomorrow she’s
the friend on the menu. And there are plenty of shady guys who will line up to buy her and also get a bracelet. Lisa and Screech make
their long overdue exit from this horror show
and join Jessie’s team. And it’s all smiles at Buddy Bands! And Jessie’s going to actually pay the fashion club laborers, imagine that. Zack squanders his final dollars on a giant out of business sign. He tries to make his friends
feel guilty for succeeding, then buys a buddy band. And with their competition eliminated, Jessie orders more product
to meet the market’s demand, because she’s been paying
attention in class. Zack gifts Belding the Buddy Band. He says he considers him a true friend and seeing him wear it would mean so much. And with Belding wearing a Buddy Band, thinking Zack actually cares about him, Zack goes to work effecting
his industrial espionage. He says he wouldn’t be
caught dead with a Buddy Band now that Belding’s wearing one, causing a school wide demand for refunds and rendering all of Jessie’s
new product worthless. Zack goes to The Max to throw
himself a pouting party, but when the waiter
tries to take his order, he says he doesn’t want anything. He just wants to sit there taking up valuable real estate, further driving home the fact that he does not understand
how businesses work. The waiter delivers the message that Mr. Mopey Pants over
there wants to be friends but isn’t man enough to own his mistakes. The gang forgives Zack for his maniacally vindictive behavior over a class project to sell bracelets. Jessie’s understandably concerned
they’re all going to fail. But Zack has a plan to lie his ass off for a passing grade. He connected two buddy bands
with a friendship bracelet and says now they’re
selling love cuffs now, a novelty S&M product he’s claiming to be a friendship item. But because this new invention is terrible and nobody would ever buy it, Zack gave away all their
remaining inventory for free to the nerds to make one last bad business
decision for the road. Zack says the real lesson they learned was about friendship, because he knows Mr. Tuttle will eat that corny shit up and give them all an A+. Let’s review. Zack Morris showed up
unprepared for a class project, then turned a gift from
a friend into a business. And based on a racist, sexist, daydream about being filthy rich, molded that business
into a ruthless machine run on slave labor and ousted a woman to put himself in charge. And when he was beat in
the market by a superior, more affordable product
with better advertising, turned his friend into a servant thanks to guidance from
a waiter who does magic. And when his friends all had enough and started working together
successfully without him, sabotaged their thriving business by manipulating the emotions of a public school educator, then guilted them into taking him back, and pulled at the heart
strings of another teacher to get a passing grade, despite his limitless
professional incompetence. Zack Morris is trash. ♫ Zack Morris Is Trash ♫

100 thoughts on “The Time Zack Morris Used Slave Labor To Sell Friendship Bracelets”

  1. Don't forget the time Zack Morris fat-shamed a girl who won him in a charity auction. Zack Morris Is Trash!

  2. And there was the time he killed Slater's pet and convinced his friends to buy another chameleon to trick him.

  3. Realizing how trash Zack Morris is, is beginning to make me realize how much of an asshole piece of shit I am.

  4. I think zach Morris is actually a transsexual – he sure sounded like one, the punk

  5. Bro !! Yes the Narrator to Zack is Trash ( THIS IS GREAT ), I grew Watching I never realized how Cool Zack really was ,, Great job MPG

  6. if you told me that Bret Easton Ellis originally wrote SBTB as a prequel to American Psycho and they just changed Bateman's name to Zack Morris, I think I'd believe it

  7. I remember this show as a kid; now I could think about during the millionaire dream sequence was that “ I need to return some videotapes.”

  8. I think for your own good all you people in this comment section better stop talking about Zack Morris so badly. I’m warning you ⚠️

  9. His friends should have wrapped a buddy band around his neck and strangled him, rather than wrap it around his head.

  10. My to high school had 2 no bullshit disciplinearians who used to be cops. If Zack Morris would have been at my high school from 2003-06 he would have been suspended so many times for Sexual harassment and quite possibly face legal charges on top of being expelled and he would not have been able to sweet talk his way out of it.

  11. Why do you "break down" what we already knew as kids??? Hopefully Will Ferrell wasn't stupid enough to invest in the obvious! Also would Saved by the Bell even be a show without Zack Morris?!? Shut the Fck up its annoying…. we already know.

  12. The waiter wasn't failing in two careers, he was failing in three. He was also a horrible actor 😂😂😂

  13. Zack Morris got a job in the diner as a waiter but , luckily they fired him because he didn't wash his hands after using the bathroom ( which is a employment requirement ) – Zack Morris is totally the opposite of a treasure

  14. $5.00 friendship bracelets being a million dollar product sound stupid on paper, but if Silly Bands and Gamer Girl Bath Water can become big money makers, it’s hard to say what will and will not make you rich…

  15. I cringed at this show for many reasons when I was a kid because even as an adolescent, I knew ZM was trash and could not watch it for more than 5 mins. But second to that, Slater was just not cute to me. The pre-recorded audience swoon track they played every time he did his worst dance moves aka Michael Hack-son impersonation or wore those god awful cut off sleeve and midriff shirts just made me want to hurl. I didn't get it then. I saw Mario Lopez on some show about a week ago and I still don't get it now.

  16. Blowing in the wind song parody :
    How many roads must Zack Morris character walk down before you can call him a man
    How many beers can Zack Morris drink before you know he's a drunk
    How many jobs can Zack Morris be sacked from before us folks can call him a slob
    How many tricks can Zack Morris pull before us folks can know he's a scam artist
    The answer is all of the above while blowing in the wind

  17. So Zack’s dream was for his black friend to labor for no pay, his Latino friend to be a maintenance worker, and his other female friend to be a put upon secretary. What a surprise.

  18. He bought himself a black man, Lisa, black girl, is a slave, Slater is an Italian stereotype, and Kelly is a trophy wife… Yeesh.

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