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Techniques and Ideas for Decorating Kraft Boxes

Techniques and Ideas for Decorating Kraft Boxes

Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this is Julie with and I’m going to show you some simple ways of decorating a craft jewelry box. All these boxes here started out basically like this plain box with a little cotton insert it’s great because what this does is it
really cushions and protects your jewelry if you’re selling it or giving it away as a gift. It makes a lovely presentation there’s a lot of different ways that you
can alter these boxes that doesn’t take a lot of effort but really jazzy them
up personally I do like the plain look but
you can also use all these different ways of altering them and using pretty much just you probably
already have in your workshop so as you can see I painted some others I have stamped some I’ve just tied ribbons around here I used some gift wrap to cover it. A
sharpie marker and even epoxy stickers so I want to walk you through how I did each of these. I’m not gonna make
identical examples but I’m going to show you the different techniques I’m going to scoot these aside pull some plain boxes and show you a variety of ways in which
you can really make these into something very unique
and a lovely presentation so the easiest way by far is just to take some ribbon and tie it
around here is a silk ribbon. I just tied a double bow here is actually it’s called On The
Surface. It’s this lovely card which has a bunch of different ribbons on it and we
sell it at with a whole variety of colors and I just
took four different ribbons and tied them around and actually if you’re getting this to
someone who loves to craft they’re gonna love using the ribbon for their art
projects as well and then on this one what I thought would look really nice with the
craft box is just some hemp so all I needed to do to this do one here is cut a length of hemp make it however long you like and I just tied it around the box so just like you do a gift package just criss-crossing in the back, pull it up to the front take one string under from the one direction put the string under going the opposite
direction tie those to put it tight I’m just tired a simple bow, this is a
really nice simplistic look and makes a lovely presentation a super simple if you just want to tie a ribbon around it,
they look beautiful just doing that another option which is kinda fun is epoxy stickers. Here I have tied a ribbon as well and then for the epoxy stickers I just took graphic that I had you can use whatever you have around the
house, you can use a photo or whatever you like then take an epoxy sticker put it over the image press it into place just cut it out take some Crafter’s Pick glue and I going to
use my fingers. if you’ve seen my other videos you’ll know I like to just use my fingers a lot it’s really easy put it on the back of the image flip it over and press into place on your box you can use one, you can use multiples,
whatever you like I actually think it is really fun if you
had a bigger box like this and you just did solid colors and polka dots I think that would be adorable, you can do you whatever you like on that That’s how you use epoxy stickers another super simple thing to do is just write on it. I’ve got a sharpie
marker. You can just write whatever you like so you can write a personal message if
you like and then you can go ahead I’ve got stamps here I have a little twig, a bumblebee, I have a dragon fly I’ve got this great StazOn ink which is a permanent link you can embellish it just by taking this
stamp dipping it in the ink pad and then putting it onto craft box super fun and super easy and have a couple
more examples to show you of doing that so you’ll see on this one I actually made it look like a little gift tag that you can fill in and on this one I did the little bumble bees. I did them
around the edge as well so that’s a fun cute idea. Whatever stamp you have will work so those are some examples of stamping another really easy way to alter these
boxes is with sharpie markers and that’s what I’ve actually done to this one here so I have a collection of markers can you can just draw right on the craft box do whatever pattern you like super simple actually it would be really fun if you’re doing a gift for a loved one, if you have children, let them draw on these boxes do a little drawing for grandma or whomever you can do whatever you like, a fun pattern,
you can draw flowers super quick and super easy now if you want to put a little bit more
effort into it you can take it a step further and you
can add paint or paper. I’m going to clear my work surface so I have a little bit more
room to work here and show you how to add paint to the craft boxes and also how to cover one with a
wrapping paper. You can use the comic strip out the newspaper, you can use whatever you like and apply it to the craft boxes itself I’ll show you how to do it I’ve got the painted one, so you’ll
see on this one I actually did a silver metallic brushed effect on
background and then I just painted a tree and this one I just did basically
strips really kind of sloppy and messy but they look kind of fun and painterly so I actually use Vintaj patinas I’d like to use what I have in my
workshop and this is what I had in my workshop you do not need to use Vintaj patinas,
you can use acrylic paint from the craft store you can use whatever paint you like. I would
not recommend oil. If it’s acrylic or a fast drying paint, it’s
gonna work really well for this so I’m gonna show you how to do this
stripy technique and I’ve got a plain box right here and then this is a soldering mat. I
like to use it because the paint actually will come off of it pretty
easily and I can keep reusing it an alternative if you don’t have a soldering mat
or something like this is a wax paper, that works fine as well shake up the paint, put a dab of paint on
and then I’m going to paint the lid of my box you might want to take it and separated from
the base so you won’t get any paint on it okay you can see I put on some green. I put
some purple and some cream Use whatever colors you like, this was just an example and then just take a paintbrush and I’m going to paint directly onto
the box and for the stripe effect I’m basically just gonna do rows and
I want it to blend together so I want to add a little bit of my cream. I did one that’s pretty much solid green do another one added a little bit of that cream to
it go all the way over to the side now pick up a little purple and a little bit of cream with the
purple back to my green and you notice I’m not
cleaning my paint brush for this of this particular effect I want them to all blend together and it’s
quite okay if some purple ends up on the green add a little bit of cream add the purple I’m just working all the way down the box
and this is going so quick you could definitely do this for a gift or if you’re selling your jewelry and you want a really unique presentation super quick and easy all most to the end I try to just don’t touch the wet area and I would just let that dry it’ll look something like that or you could also if you don’t wanna be
quite as abstract an you can do something like a tree or whatever you like but really easy to paint onto these
boxes, it absorbs in nicely if you want something with a little shine make sure you get paint with gloss, if you want it to be matte pick off a matte paint so then the final technique I want to
show you know and there’s many more techniques for these
but these are the ones which I thought would be really fun and easy to show is to actually cover the lid in a piece of wrapping paper to do that you need some wrapping paper. This is a sheet that I got at a stationery store and what’s nice about this one is it’s actually pretty thick I’m going to pick a design that I want to be my focal I think this will look great so I’m going to go ahead lay my box over it and I’m going to leave about just under twice the width of the side here this about a half not quite half an inch I’d estimate I’d want a little under an inch all the
way around it’s always better to cut a little extra then to not have enough flip it over and I can actually see my designed through it
a little bit which is very handy see about where I want it I’m going to take some of the glue you can use a tooth pick or a small piece of
wire as applicator if you like I prefer to use my fingers which goes a
little bit quicker I like to be able to smear it really
nice if you want you can squeeze it out of the cap
I’m just wanting a little bit larger quantities so I took the cap off flip it over center it where you want it making sure that
you leave enough on all sides and just press into place fold up one edge go to the other side fold up another edge this time take a little bit of glue cover the edge press the paper in place do the exact same thing on the opposite
side let that dry for about two or three
minutes, it doesn’t take too long and they were going to work on the other
side and then folding this part over as well and finishing up now I want you to do is I want you to go ahead once it’s dry and make a slit so on the edge that you
folded over and just make slit right in line with
the others edge of the box do that on both sides then fold down that so that it makes a really nice
neat line when you put the lid back on I like to pre fold just so that the paper knows were it’s supposed to go once I put the glue on take a little bit of glue and put it on the paper itself fold over and press into place do the same on the other side let that dry for a couple minutes and then work on
the other sides so to finish off your box fold up the two remaining sides and you can tell it’s going to make these
little wings and you want that so go ahead allow those to make a crease do that on both sides before you go any further make sure that this paper which is protruding from the area
where your lip is on the side of your box it’s not actually wider than the actual side of the box. I’m a little worried
that mine is so I’m just going to trim it down a little this is where we talked about it’s a little
better to have too much than too little cuz you can always cut it down this is what we’ve got so far now put a little bit of glue in each of the folds just a little will do it just needing them to stay in place now we do want to add a little bit of
glue right in here on both sides so that the edge of the box is glued to the paper you don’t need a lot of glue here because
you’re gonna be folding this over again like you did on the other side and that’s
going to anchor it in place as well almost done basically, one more fold to go
and just a little bit of gluing this is what it looks like from the front take the paper fold it over as we do so we’re gonna watch these corners I folded it in the middle to begin with now I’m working my way to the sides you see how that corner’s coming
in a little bit, that’s perfects, that’s what we want just roll it in when I say roll it I mean i’m taking this
corner and pushing it in pushing it into the inside of the box so we have a really nice line do that on the other side as well that corner I’m just going to manipulate.
Take and push it in do that on the other side as well. Fold in the middle make sure that these corners go direction that you want them to if you press right in here it’s going to help
those corners a lot so if one gives you trouble like this ones not folding in as much just take that corner and pull it to the inside and press down so now what we need to do is add
some glue. I’m going to pull that out a little bit and add some glue add a little glue underneath the corners as
well do that on all sides if you work can fast enough you can put glue over the tabs and the corners as well at the same time fold it over fold your corner over. It should already be pre
creased so it should be really easy just push it into place there you go so we covered the lid. You can cover the
base as well if you wanted to just make sure your papers are not so thick
that the lid and the base don’t sit properly on each other here we have a lid which we can put on our box we’ve just converted this box from a plain craft box into a really pretty well decorative box so I’ll show you these techniques again just in their example form so we’ve got the covered boxes we have painted we have sharpie marker we have epoxy stickers. These epoxy
stickers are actually the scrabble tiles size and I’ve used a little round one with
a merry christmas and you can stamp which is fun, you make your own little to-from tag write a personal message and then finally the easiest of all just tying with ribbon. I’ve got silk ribbon, On the Surface ribbons which you’re crafting friends
will love to reuse and then simple hemp and you can use you like so these are a bunch of different ways that you can take these craft boxes and alter them, they’re quick, they’re easy, they’re
fun or you can just use a craft box in it’s
original state. It’s really quite pretty and quite simple and elegant I hope this video has given you some
ideas where to start with the decorating of your craft boxes.

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  1. I love your video's!! The only problem that I have is that I can't hear them that well. I have my volume up all the way and your video up . Oh well, its ok. I wanted to ask you , when you hotfix the rhinestone, are they the crystals one's??? Can you hotfix to metal???
    Thank you so much,

  2. I have been doing this for jewellery I make. Looks awesome. First packages were posted today- hope they are appreciated 🙂

  3. You can get the boxes on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

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