SWAROVSKI Heart Pendant Earring and Necklace Set: DIY

hi it’s Emma at the bead shop in
Nottingham I’ve got a really nice little tutorial to show you today which
involves making at the swarovski heart pendants into a gorgeous necklace and
earring set perfect for Valentine’s Day but great for Mother’s Day and gift
birthday gifts and it’s so simple to do so let’s start out making our swarovski heart
necklace and earrings set by doing the necklace so I’ve got one of their hearts
and I’ve got a 6 mil in its place silver plated jump ring and one of our silver
plated snake chains this is an 18 inch or 45 centimeter and I’m just going to
open up my jump ring so I’m use I use two pairs of chain nose pliers one
straight and one bent no sure because I find it easier
open up your Jabra you might need to open up a little bit further than you
might normally just to be able to easily slide the heart pendant on and then
whilst the jump ring is open take your snake chain and add that on as well and
then carefully close up your jump ring making sure that you’ve got a nice neat
finish there we go you’ve got a gorgeous swarovski heart
pendant necklace now to make the matching earrings we’re going to start
off in a very similar fashion but I opening up our six mil jump ring and
adding it onto the heart pendant and closing it up I’m actually going to use a smaller four
millimeter jump ring to connect that six mile jump ring we just put on a heart
pendant to the loop on the fish hook now the reason why I’m doing this I’m
not just attaching the six millimeter jump ring directly onto the fish hook is
so that the heart pendant hangs the correct way if it was just to connect
the six no jump ring directly to the fish hook or on the side rather
than straight forward so just by adding that small jump ring in between it hangs
the right way around so we’ll do that again for the other side you there we go so now I’ve got my lovely
matching set my swarovski heart painting in this case this is a cyan
color necklace and earring set the hearts come in lots of different colors
so if you’re not a red fan and there’s the the Musa blue which I showed
you the beginning as well as good old kind of bear crystal a bee and lots of
other colors too but now hopefully you’ve seen how simple it is just to
create a really lovely set of swarovski heart pendant necklace and earrings hope
you have a go – thanks

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