Solder a Rhinestone Chain Bow Tie Necklace with a Heat Gun

Welcome to another soldering video today we’re going to be making
this rhinestone bow it is made completely out of
28 ss rhinestone chain it’s going to take 176 stones
which will be just about 72 inches two three stone sections four eight stone sections four two stone sections four three stone sections four four stone sections four five stone sections two seven stone sections and four 17 stone sections I am going to need two 5 mm jump rings One 12 mm lobster clasp
four 8 mm jump rings and 4 inches of 8 mm round chain I’m going to be using the same
J board that we used for the coloured rhinestone tie video that
we did just before this one we’re just going to round it out a little bit you
may want to refer back to that the colorful rhinestone tie video I am going to go ahead
and roll out the play-doh and get it ready to line the J board I’m going to start with the center portion
of the tie and go ahead and lay down the first two three stone pieces and once I
get this those in place and smooth I will work my way out to the edges I am going to go ahead and add the bottom chain but I’m not going to push it down all
the way I’m just going to kind of set it in place we’re going to have to
adjust it as I go so I’m just going to push it down a little bit at a time I’m going to add the two-piece rhinestone
chain that goes in the center just so I can see where
I need to put the top once I have that in place I’ll go ahead and put
the top on and again on the top I’m just going to lay it loosely because it will
have to be adjusted when I put this next two piece stone in there I need to
separate it a little bit because it needs to be slightly longer than the
first one these are going to be going out at an angle now we are going to add
a three-piece stone chain and this one it’s going to be pushed
all the way together this next three-piece stone chain is
going to be separated just a little bit so you have that nice angle as you’re laying these down you’re
adjusting that outside chain the eight-piece chain and now we’re going to
add a four-piece chain and this piece is going to be completely together again I’m adjusting the sides to fit
that four piece chain and now I’m going to add another four-piece chain but this
time I’m going to separate them out a little bit to give me just a little bit
more width I guess now I’m going to add a five piece chain
and this piece is going to be completely together when I say together that means
all the rhinestones are going to be pushed right up to each other as you’re
trying to make that angle then you’ll start to separate them out a little bit so
the next five stone piece that I’m using is going to be separated out
just a little bit the seven stone piece with all of the
rhinestones butted up against each other it’s going to go on the very end they’re in place and
they’re smooth and even I’m going to go ahead and
do the same thing on the other side begin to solder it’s gonna heat up the
middle first and once it’s getting hot I can add solder to this and you’re going
to have to hit every single joint this needs to be completely solid I’ll let this piece cool and then test
it for stability while it’s cooling I’m going to start on the chain that goes
around the neck and you’re going to need for each side you’re going to need two
17 stone pieces I’m also going to add a jump ring at the end now I’m just going to use a piece
of clay to brace the jump ring I’m going to count down nine stones that
should be my center stones I’m gonna solder in the very center I’m going to let this piece cool and
do another one just like it for the other side of the necklace I’m going to use a third hand
to hold the jump ring in place I’m going to solder it
perpendicular to the bow it’s setting about just beyond the four stone piece just going to take some play-doh to
brace the rhinestone chain so it lays properly while I’m soldering it and the
rhinestone chain is going to be butted up against the jump ring that
I just soldered and the play-doh just holds it in place
so that it doesn’t tilt while I’m soldering it
I want it to be straight I am going a little heavier with the
solder on this area then I normally would just because you’re putting a lot
of weight on a small area I’m moving to the other side but
before I do I’m going to add a little bit of play-doh in front of the jump
ring just to keep it in place in case it gets too hot and melts the solder my piece is cooled down and
I’ve cleaned it up you can see on the back where the
jump ring is and how the chain is attached I’m just going to open up a
jump ring and I’m going to attach it to the lobster clasp I’m just going to
slide it on to the end jump ring and then close it I’m just going to open up
another jump ring I’m going to slide this onto
the jump ring at the end add the chain and
just close the jump ring and here we have our
finished rhinestone bow thanks for watching
see you next time

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