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SlideTubes and ⛓️Chain 👂Earrings

SlideTubes and ⛓️Chain 👂Earrings

hi everybody today what I wanted to show
you simple earrings most of you already seen a DIY that I did with these
earrings using a slide tube and a slide tube set that I got was a nice set of
different sizes and that was off of Amazon from panda haul if I remember I
will put the link below this video in the description box so be sure that if
you’re interested in that but you’ll not only check out the set of slide tubes
but I’ll also put the link for that DIY where I did these earrings okay so here
is the slide tubes and it’s simple you just need some chain and a slide too so
I’m going to show you it’s really quick it’s really easy so let’s get started so
I’m filming this in my bedroom without my ring light now while this is a DIY
tutorial I’m not going to be doing this directly but I will be showing you how
to do it make these earrings that are really easy to make the first thing
you’re going to need is some slices now this is the case and I’m gonna that this
is a kit that I got from Amazon from Panda Hall and I found this
one because it had an assorted bunch of sizes now if you’re not familiar they
have a medium a small and they have a really really small you’re getting this
they have are really really small and all this I just don’t want them to all
fall okay so I went with the medium one for this particular one I’m gonna put my
glasses on so that I can see better this one I took a smaller one now if you’re
not familiar with these forgive my fingernails I’ve been doing DIYs it’s
going to have a loop at the top and it’s going to have one and open and the other
end closed and then there’s a seam in here now sometimes you have to pry the
seam open just slightly and then close it with your jewelry tools so you’re
going to need some my tubes whether you want to get a kid of different sizes or
just get some of the craft store order some online from Amazon or any jewelry
supply they’re called jewelery slide tubes not the type that uses crimpers
for ribbon and whatever okay now you could certainly use those if they’re
long enough but this works out better and it’s easier the next thing you need
is jewelry tools down so the next thing you’ll need is some jewelry tools and
some chain of course if you’re making these earrings you’re gonna need some
fish hooks you know the earring hooks so what
you’re gonna do is take some chain you can cut it beforehand
now I didn’t make these terribly long that you can make them longer you can
cut them on an angle to get decorative or you can cut them where they’re on an
angle on both sides and then the middle is longer you know that you leave the
center longer and short cascading different levels
you could also make this long mic up to here and then some beads and there more
chain and the beads you know or just old beads with a little bit of chain on the
top however you decide so all I did was now I’m not going to cut my chain but
you see where the opening is you’re going to put your chain and I’m gonna
try to go as close to the camera as I can now you go into and again I see the
opening you’re gonna put your chain right where the opening is and slide it
and I’ll hold see I’m trying to do this in a way that you can see it and my
fingers aren’t in the way so it’ll hold slide it all the way that the end cut
the link that you want beforehand or you could just cut a certain amount and deal
with it later however you want to do it okay and then you simply slide another
one and another one is that easy you just take your chain go where the
opening is and then slide it and then cut your hey it’ll stay there
won’t fall out now this chain is in terribly big
because you can go a little bigger with the team and you want the ones with the
little holes you don’t want to do this where it’s not big enough that it it
grabs so then what you want to do is once you got all your chain and that’s
how you’re gonna do before you trim it unless you’ve already trimmed it
measured it out and trimmed it beforehand then you’re going to take
your chain nose pliers and gently with the opening kind of close it and then
put it down on a hard surface like a table and then smash it down don’t go
like this you don’t have to it’ll definitely go and then gently go like
that and it’s closed okay and then depending on how long or short or if you
do with beads it should like look like this and then hang your fishhook to it
see the earring fishhook and there it is it’s a nice pair of earrings you can
make it longer shorter just like I said it’s simple it’s easy you could also
just do this amount like a short amount of chain and then hook beads cascading
down so that’s it and that’s what this parents gonna look like and that’s what
this pair will look like it’s easy all you need is slide tubes all you need is
the slide tubes some chain whether you want to use a roller chain or an old
chain from an old necklace or an old chain from an old necklace or just go
out buy a little bit bit of chain but the role of teen you can get a craft
stores you can get online Amazon’s there they’re cheap and they’re
good to have for other crafts so I hope you like that fast easy affordable DIY
tutorial sort of and if you haven’t checked out my other DIY especially the
one where I show you how you make these earrings with using a slide to go ahead
and it’s my first playlist on my channel click it and look at all my videos and
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if you give me a like comment even if it’s just to say hello exit question and
share my videos if you know anybody that likes to do DIYs thanks for watching and
I’ll see you in my next video I you

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  1. Beautiful earrings. You look amazing and nice video my dear friend. Liked and I have subscribed your Channel, please subscribe and support my Channel also, Thanks

  2. I used to have a wonderful earring collection.Eventually I could not even tolerate gold so I got rid of most.Thanks for sharing this…Full 👀

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