Show & Tell: Swarovski Crystal BeCharmed Medley Beads

Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this is Julie with and
I’m excited with this show & tell today to show you
the new becharmed pave medley beads by Swarovski Elements these are so pretty. We’ve been waiting to get these in and they are lovely so what they are is large hole beads which is perfect for European style large hole bracelet that hole is 4.5 millimeters across. You’ll
really be fit it onto a variety of bracelets or cords, cork, whatever
you’re doing that might need a large hole and all of these beads, you can see that
there’s a dozen in the collection they have a different color theme. All of
them have a stainless steel core they say Swarovski on it but the colors and the different crystals are all different. I’ll walk you through them so this medley here is called the royal
purple mix it has wonderful shades of purple and
blue the next one is champagne so pretty and they really do catch the
light sparkle beautifully. This is the Ethereal blue mix and I’ve actually just put it on a sterling silver chain just to show
you how easy it is to instantly create a very wearable piece of jewelry. See
what this one looks like then we have the Leprechaun mix which of course is perfect for St Patty’s Day but also for those who love green. I’m a redhead so I’m particularly fond of this. Next
the Valentine mix midnight, a great classic one really good if you’re going to be doing some evening jewelry we have a lot of different projects on that show you how to turn beads like this into earrings as well as put them on a bracelet or necklace but you might wanna wear these as earrings. This one here is the blue Harlequin mix and I love it that’s it’s got
these little square chatons in there Lagoon Mix aptly named it’s very much the colors of
a lagoon and the water sea tones. Gilded Earth Mix nice browns and yellows earth tones again with these great square chatons we have the blue mix. This one has a
variety of shaped crystals I love how bumpy this one is. It has a lot
of great texture to it and depth. Grey Tones again another really nice evening one
to consider some nice really big stones just fascinating to look at and the last
one is a ruby romance mix all of these beads do measure approximately 14 millimeters
across. Like I said it’s a 4.5 millimeter hole inner diameter and you can find
more information about all of them as well be able to purchase
them at Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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