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Runes of Divination Necklace from The Moonlight Shop

Runes of Divination Necklace from The Moonlight Shop

Hi, this is Hjalte from the moonlight shop and in this video, I want to show you our Runes of Divination necklace So, what’s this necklace all about? As you can see, this Wicca necklace combines the pentacle with the runes into a beautiful and very fashionable design. The pentacle in the middle is very detailed and has a nice intertwined look. At each point of the pentacle, you’ll find a symbol for the one of the five elements. Fire, water, earth, air and spirit. The circle here is quite thick and engraved in the circle is the runes. Now, obviously, because of the size of this pendant, there is a limitation of the details of the runes. But, if you know your runes, you can easily see which is what. The combination of the pentacle, the runes and the elements is a powerful one and that’s why we call it the pentacle of divination. I know many of our customers like to sit with it in their hands and feel the details of the runes and the pentacle. When they are on the bus or if they are stressed it is good for some grounding. You can easily use it for divination, by letting your finger run across the runes and then stop when it feels right and see what the runes are telling you. But obviously that requires that you know your runes so can translate them. The design of this pendant, is unique and it’s almost guaranteed that it will draw some attention. So, remember this, when you wear it. If you’re having one of those days, where you really don’t wanna talk to people and explain yourself it’s probably better to slip it in under your shirt. But you can easily do that, because this pentacle has the perfect size. It’s big enough to get noticed but it is also small and lightweight enough to easily tuck it away if you wanna do that. It is made from lead free and nickel free pewter so even if you are usually allergic to most jewelry you can safely wear this Even directly on your skin. Now, the pendant itself comes with a leather cord with a lobster clasp so you can adjust the length with around 2 inches If you want to use it on something else, you can easily do that as well Most necklaces will fit. The pentacle itself measures just around 1 inch in diameter. So if you are looking for a unique fashionable and meaningful pendant I am sure you will enjoy The Moonlight Shops Runes of Divination necklace. Thank you for watching and blessed be!

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