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Rainbow Plaid Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

Rainbow Plaid Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

10 thoughts on “Rainbow Plaid Friendship Bracelet Tutorial”

  1. When you segment knot a plaid pattern you need to have a very strong holding strings and have them straight then it is faster and straight and I do it by segments so at first the sides and then I do the middle and the string you make your knot onto has to be tension every time. When you think there is a bigger distance between two strings than the others pull the string through the 4 twice and then do the second part of the knot then you can make it more even and have the distance the same

  2. OMG this is so cute! I’m so going to make this soon!! Your videos are great and really easy to understand for me so well done and keep up the good work! 😄😄

  3. Great video!! ive been trying to do bracelet pattern #27442 i was maybe wondering if you could do a tutorial on that because my friends b-day is coming and she LOVES the pattern. Thank you so much if you can! (btw i LOVE this tutorial! defiantly trying it 🙂

  4. How did you do the bracelet you showed after the purple plaid one? You said you used a candy stripe method? Can you show how you did that one? I love it! 🙏🏽☺️

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