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Quilled Earrings : Beautiful tight coil flower

Quilled Earrings : Beautiful tight coil flower

today i’m gonna show you how to make this earring so let’s get started take your quilling paper and quill into a tight coil place it on the quilling mould to give it a hollow look and pinch both the sides with the hollow side facing up This makes your first petal glue all sides to ensure it does’nt lose its hollow core make a total of five petals for one earring here I’ve got two metal rings and a hook now make an end of one ring straight and insert it in the middle of one of the petals and return it to a circle again take your other ring and insert it into the small space of the attached ring and tighten it completely now glue all the petals together and leave to dry next, release the second ring a little to insert the hook I’ve a orange stone to use for the bud glue it make another one and there you have it!!

13 thoughts on “Quilled Earrings : Beautiful tight coil flower”

  1. absolutely beautiful delicate little pair of flower earrings. I could see my granddaughter wearing them with her easter dress!! Thanks for sharing. I will definately be making these

  2. надо било к видео поставить какуюта музику потомушто сешают ети звуки

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