Queen Elizabeth Gave Meghan Markle a Gorgeous Pair of Earrings for Their First Trip Together – News

 Queen Elizabeth provided Meghan Markle with some new sparkle for their first solo outing together  The monarch gave her new granddaughter-in-law an elegant pair of pearl and diamond drop earrings, which appear to be a smaller version of her own  The Queen is rarely seen without her pearl accessories. She regularly pairs her pearl necklace and matching earrings together on royal outings  One of the best perks about having the Queen as your grandmother-in-law is the access to her royal jewelry box! Kate Middleton has borrowed several amazing pieces from Queen Elizabeth over the years  In 2016, the royal mom wowed during her first-ever solo trip abroad, and she marked the special occasion in a pair of stunning pearl and diamond earrings, which belong to the Queen  Kate wore three major pieces from Queen Elizabeth’s private jewelry collection at a state banquet in 2015 The crowning accessory was the Lotus Flower, the beautiful pearl and diamond tiara headpiece that dates back to Queen Elizabeth’s mother in the 1920s  Perhaps the most famous piece of royal jewelry Kate borrowed is also her first: the delicate Cartier “Halo” tiara she wore on her wedding day in 2011  From heirloom tiaras to world-famous diamonds, the Queen’s jewelry collection is something to be envied But despite her impressive collection, the Queen isn’t the biggest fan of all that glitters  In a revealing documentary that aired earlier this year, Queen Elizabeth spoke rather matter-of-factly about the royal jewels — and there’s no denying her sense of detachment  While she takes the Crown Jewels’ cultural and symbolic role very seriously, she’s just not interested in jewelry on its own, an expert said  “The Queen is entirely disinterested in jewelry as a person,” said Alastair Bruce, who spoke with the Queen for The Coronation documentary  “There are plenty of people I know who are excited about what they have in a box in their bedroom The Queen is the guardian of a considerable quantity of jewelry, setting aside the Regalia, but “I don’t see her as somebody who’s particularly interested in diamonds and sitting there [cooing over them] like Elizabeth Taylor ”

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