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Polymer Clay Owl Charm Necklace Tutorial Series (Intro Vol-064)

Polymer Clay Owl Charm Necklace Tutorial Series (Intro Vol-064)

Hi Guys, this is Cindy Lietz your Polymer
Clay Tutor, and this is the introduction video to my paid tutorial series; Wise Owl Charm
Necklace. Now, in this tutorial we’re gonna learn how
to make these darling little owl beads. And I’ve got a whole bunch of different examples
here. And we’re going to learn how to make the cane
for the wing of the owl. And we’re also gonna learn how to make a little
book bead, now I’ve done these before but I’ve got a bit of an update on them and they’re
just so cute and charming. And then we’ll also learn how to make a little
stamp charm to go on a pendant or a charm holder. So, I think you’re gonna really like it. I will show you some other examples of this
little owl, and the neat thing about this little guy is that he looks quite different
depending on how you make him. He can be long and lean or he can be short
and chubby. And he can have a… just the way the expressions
turned out, he can have a sweet darling little face or he can look a little bit annoyed. And here I’ve used the owl bead on some earrings
where I’ve used a stick Pearl for the little branch and they look quite lovely. Now this little owl bead was inspired by an
owl that has taken up residence in our neighborhood. And I’ve never seen him but I hear him in
the evening and at night hooting away, he’s just a sweet little guy. And I guess the neighbors have seen him and
they say he is a Grey owl, but these little owls we’re inspired by him. And also there’s another Polymer Clay artist
who makes really neat little bird beads, and she does these wonderful dragged wings that
look quite neat. And so when I was putting together my owl
bead, I decided that I would design the cane along the same kinda lines as her… the name
of the artist is Joan Tayler and she does some really neat stuff, so you’ll wanna
check her out as well. But, I just thought I’d show you all the different
things. And oh, one more thing I’ve got here is I’ve
used this little wise owl on a bookmark, which is a great idea because of course owls are
wise and smart and are perfect for reading and that kind of thing. So I think you’re really going to enjoy this
tutorial and I will see you in the next video of this series.

18 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Owl Charm Necklace Tutorial Series (Intro Vol-064)”

  1. Cindy, I love it when you make little critters, miniatures, animals, etc… Whether you're creating them into beads or making them into something else, it is SO MUCH FUN to see you making these little guys!!! I hope you do more!! I made some little clay hockey players to set on the table when our team does their annual meet & greet next month. How cool to make some little Canadian hockey player beads!!! Too, too, cute! (And you KNOW they would love em in your neck of the woods) ;0) ~Sherry

  2. Please put the tutorials on your YouTube, polymerclaytutor, cause the other paid series are not on here and I tried you blog but it does not work please respond!

  3. Hi delilah collings, our paid tutorials are very inexpensive. If you can afford to buy polymer clay/supplies you can afford the tutorials. Unlike many polymer clay YouTubers who live with their parents, our family depends on the income from our tutorials. Every month we put out 5-6 free YouTube videos + 1 paid tutorial. I think we're being more than generous. If you're interested in my paid tutorials there's info at my blog on how to purchase. Like many have said they're worth every penny!

  4. I'll just make it by looking at the picture. I don't pay for mt supplies cuz my dad does but we get coupons so it's cheap.

  5. Hi delilah collings – all of the pricing is kept up to date and posted over at the blog. There are links to the blog in each of our YouTube videos, as well as in in the description box under the each of these YouTube videos. Once you get to the blog, look for the top bar navigation link that they Members Video Library.

  6. I loved seeing the video. But I was disappointed to learn that I needed to pay to show the technique of how to be made​​. I am a beginner in polymer clay, and watched the video, because I liked the shape of the owl. Very Creative. However, I wish success. Enjoyed it!

  7. I have searched the website and Youtube and don't see where you have done any other kids of birds.  I wanted to make some small bird charms, doves, blue birds, or hummingbird and wanted to see your take on it.  The limited polymer clay bird examples on Youtube is really lacking.  I find that you are the best demonstrator/teacher out there.

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