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Polymer Clay Earrings – A Million and One Design Ideas

Polymer Clay Earrings – A Million and One Design Ideas

Hi guys! This is Cindy Lietz, your Polymer
Clay Tutor in today’s Studio Tip and I’m going to show you a million and one polymer clay
earrings, well not quite a million and one but a whole bunch of them. I was super busy
this week and I was supposed to be getting some other samples ready and I thought what
am I going to show you and I was sitting there looking out the window and staring at a bunch
of my earrings, and I thought you know what one of my favorite things to make with polymer
clay, is earrings and it’s because they are– polymer clay is so light it’s easy to wear
for earrings, it’s so versatile you can make it look like anything and I just want to show
you a million different types of variations on what kind of earrings you can make just
with polymer clay. A lot of these are samples from previous tutorials so I’ll mention them,
I’ll also show you some of the different ways that I have put some of these earrings together
so I just thought I would show them to you. Alright, so here they are, I’ve got whatever
I could find just sitting around these other than the ones that are on the cards here in
the middle. All the other ones or ones that I wear myself every day. I even am wearing
a pair right now which I’ll pull out here to show you and even these delightful little
light earrings are made with polymer clay. The butterflies are made with polymerized
fabric and– are these fabric no no these ones were image transfers, but it’s light,
it’s airy and I put a– I did them on a homemade ear wire with some Swarovski crystals and
they just look really cute. There’s just tons and tons of them here so let me just run through
them to show you what you can make. Now the first little pair here are some very delicate
little ones, made with cane slices from the Parrot Tulip Tutorial but I took the ear wire–
the wire that I put in through instead of using a regular head pin I torched a little
copper wire head pin and made the wire come up shaped like a leaf so it looked just like
a tulip sitting on there. And they use little wire crimps here and just under the tulip
to keep the tulip head from sliding down. These earrings here look really heavy but
because they’re made of polymer clay, they’re super light. They are made with the Faux Jasper
tutorial and I’ve got these little findings on the back that I found, they’re earring
findings that I just attached the faux Jasper stone – and then hung some little dangles
from there with some real stone chips. These earrings here are made from the Raindrops
and Foxglove Tutorial and they have a pretty little blended flower here with some little
speckles on the inside and they’re quite simply done, I just use the jump ring and some closeable
whatever those kind of earring findings are. Now, the ones in the center here are all ones
that I have put on cards to get ready to sell. Now, I do have a little tutorial somewhere
in my videos showing how to make one of these earring cards and I just used a die cutting
machine and folded a special way and cut it out and punch holes in it and it’s a great
way to hang earrings on whatever size that you have. I write on the back the name of
the earrings, if they have a name. This one I named gossamer, then I list out the different
supplies used and then the website and on the front my signature so I can get kind of
a customized look. I can choose the handmade papers or the the scrapbooking papers to go
with the different earring styles. And it can make quite a unified look for your jewelry
line if you have one. These earrings are pod earrings made with the glow-in-the-dark Spiral
Cane or Jelly Roll Cane video. Here is the same Cane used in a slice instead of the pod.
These earrings, if you charge them up under the light and then wear them in the dark,
they actually glow which is quite neat. This pair of earrings were created using the Faux
Burlwood Technique and they’re just sanded and buffed to a real high shine, they just
feel amazing it’s hard to tell even what they are made of. They do look like they’re made
of real wood. I’ve used a little rivet eyelet in the center here, made a handmade ear wire
and then I put a tiger’s eye bead on the top. That is a really nice tip to really elevate
the polymer clay, if you add real gemstones and and higher quality findings, it will make
the piece seem more expensive rather than just like a little hunk of plastic which polymer
technically is. But when you see all these different things, it’s not really the same.
This pair of earrings are made with delphinium flower petals ground up and added to the polymer
clay there in the beads and then I added sterling silver findings and Swarovski crystals and
a handmade ear wire in a big large circle. And I love these, these would be perfect for
wearing to a wedding or something like that. Here are a pair of earrings, they were used
with the leftover scraps from the full Labradorite Tutorial and that’s a great way to use them
up. They’re a pair of stud earrings and when you do a large technique or a technique on
a sheet like that and you’ve used them up the larger pieces up, it’s nice to be able
to use up the smaller ones for something like stud earrings. Here is a really unique pair.
They are from the Iris Flower Tutorial and I’ve done some copper wrapping at the top
here and made up a large loop and then some handmade teardrop-shaped ear wires, made out
of copper as well. Here are a little pair of studs made over– made with some left over
Faux Wood from a Faux Wood Tutorial. And this pair of earrings are quite neat looking, they
look very heavy but they’re not. They have– I used the Rose ear wires from one of my tutorials
and then this is a polymer clay bead that is from the Texture, Texture, Texture, tutorial
and it’s done use using string wrapped around the polymer clay and stuff like that and it
gives us really neat crackled deep texture. Then I used some wire links to–and this is
a piece of jade, real jade and then these little wire or not wire, metal pieces at the
bottom are actually embossed metal using the Sizzix and Vintaj embossing plates that you
can run through your die-cutting machine. It’s really neat and it’s a nice thing to
add in with your polymer clay earrings. Now, we’ve got a lot of them back here I’ll try
to go a little quicker through these ones. These are ones that I wear all the time in
fact a bunch of these were all piled on here as well but I’ve got a pair of large hoops
here with some polymer clay leave slices on here and some bright-colored seed beads on
just to accent them. That– those ones I can swap out because it’s a earring hoop I can
just swap out whatever kind of polymer clay piece I want to add to that It makes them
reusable. This heart bead was made using some scrap clay from the Faux Fordite Tutorial
and I’ve got a little tutorial free tutorial on making these heart beads and I’ve just
added a shell carved leaf underneath and a large handmade ear wire. And you’ll see that
most of my ear wires are all handmade, it makes them more unique. You can make them
to suit your piece and use whatever metals that you want to use. These earrings here
were made, they have kind of a real old fashioned beautiful look to them. They’re made with
the rose ear wire tutorial and then a bead made from the art sheet technique that was
done in the watercolor technique way of layering and then I’ve got some bead caps and stuff
on the top and the bottom. They have a very antique look to them. These two earrings are
actually made from pieces from the same tutorial, they’re from the Shoreline Bracelet Tutorial.
I had leftover pieces so I made earrings. This is a– all polymer clay here and it looks
like a beach scene I’ve got– so I added a freshwater pearl because that makes sense
with the beach and it has a large ear wire with a large loop and and a long piece that
comes down and behind it’s very cool looking. I wear those a ton. These were also done from
the same series but they were blended a little more so the colors are more muted and more
blended, less rocks and more just sort of painterly beach kind of scene to it, also
very pretty. These earrings here were made with the Hollow Lentil Bead Tutorial with
the Reptile Cane. They are reversible so you can actually just pop this around and where
that way if you want. You can– there’s a lot of things that you could make earrings
that you could make that could be reversible so think about that as far as your designs
go. They are super light too, they look heavy but they’re really light. These earrings are
made with the Metal Mokume Gane technique and then they’ve got some little freshwater
pearls underneath. They have a heavy kind of look to them but they’re light. These earrings
here are neat, they have–they’re made using the Sculpey templates for tracing out different
shapes on polymer clay and I layered them in two layers, popped some seed beads in between
to get them to sit out from each other and then the– the ear wire I echoed the same
kind of triangular shape that the front pieces have in the shape of the ear wire. Now, these
two earring sets are from the same tutorial they are from a tutorial called Tornado and
Torpedo Beads and these are the torpedo beads, they look like a torpedo they have a wonderful
striped technique to them and then these beads are done with wire and little seed beads and
they’re called Tornado beads because they look like they’ve just been twisted up in
a tornado. Down here, I’ve got some delicate long beads here or earrings here that are
from the Faux Fordite Tutorial. This is the the Fordite Technique down here, they’re little
cabochons and then they’re added with some handmade ear wires and so our Swarovski crystals.
These earrings here, I love these I wear them all the time they have a very graphic kind
of playful look. The hearts are made from the Street Hearts Tutorial and then I made
ear wires using niobium wire that is colored using electricity. And then I did a nice big
hoop at the bottom so this would have room to move and put some brightly colored seed
beads on. And then added a very angular look to the top of the ear wire just to give it
that kind of edgy look. Here are some earrings made with a little owls from the Owl Necklace
Tutorial or Owl Charm Necklace– I don’t know it’s something like that. The owls are actually
on a charm necklace that we make but I’ve added some stick pearls underneath so it looks
like they’re standing on little branches and they’re very cute and kind of sassy little
owls. Here’s some earrings made using the Cone Flower Technique, it’s a cane tutorial
where we have to use Skinner Blends and put them together in a unique way so that each
slice ends up shifting in color. So you can see this one here is a little more purple
and this one’s a little more orange really lovely pair earrings with big Swarovski crystals
in there. Down here are some earrings made using the torpedo bead technique but I used
a slice of rainbow cane from there and just used them in this way and they have kind of
a youthful look to them. These earrings I wear all the time when it’s raining, they
are– they are shaped like a cloud and a raindrop but they are from the Puffy Bead Tutorial
so they actually have a little puff of air on the inside of them, they’re super lightweight
and they have an airy kind of feel to them. These earrings here, I have them in two different
colors are from the Sweet Pea Tutorial and they’re created using the Wilton Gum Paste
Cake Decorating Cutters to make sweet peas of stuff and– and they’re really a fun pair
of earrings. I kept a couple pair in two different colors they also have the Swarovski crystal
and handmade ear wires and things. They’re really pretty and delicate, I love them. Now,
I won’t go in as much detail in these ones because we’re starting to use up a ton of
time but there’s lots here from lots of different tutorials I’ve got Poinsettia from the Poinsettia
Cane or Poinsettia Tutorial, from the Nautical Anchor Cane Tutorial. This is from the Zipper
Cane Tutorial that is free on– and that you can check out. I just took a slice of it baked
it on a curve and hung it from some another pair of rose ear wires. This is from the Checkered
Paisley Cane Tutorial and you can see I use canes a ton of ton. People don’t understand
how versatile using polymer clay canes are and just the sheer number of places that the
canes are used in these tutorials will– or these earrings will prove that. You can use
it for a lot of neat things. These earrings were done with a flower extrusion from an
extruder disk and then baked and sliced while they were baked and has kind of a flower lei,
Hawaiian flower lei kind of thing. These earrings are from the Shaded Rose Cane tutorial and
they almost look like they’ve been hand-painted. These are from the– oh I believe this is
from the Rolled Mokume Gane cane, I can’t quite remember but they are shaped like flowers
they look really neat. This is from the Faux Batik Tutorial and these are from the Art
Sheet Technique Tutorial. Here’s some neat little pumpkin earrings done from the Pumpkin
Cane Tutorial and you’ll see over here, I have another pair of them I’m just in a larger
size and they look quite different and you can use canes in lots of different sizes to
get lots of different looks. This is from the Snowy Winter Cane. It’s all done with
little tiny strips of extrusions of clay all built up like in a pointalist of the style.
Here’s from the Easter Lilly Cane Tutorial. Here’s some Swirly Lentil Beads done in kind
of a Tassel Style. This is a very fun way to use that Swirly Lentil Beads if you’ve
gotten addicted to rolling those I have a tutorial on that as well, of course. This
is from the Faux Rust Tutorial. We did a bracelet in the in the tutorial but these are leftover
pieces to make a pair of earrings. Here’s a pair from the Blue Butterfly Cane Tutorial.
You can make beautiful big pendants and all kinds of great stuff from that. There’s a
few others on here you can see, the crocus bead beads and and all kinds of other neat
ones. So I wanted to show you that. I hope you are inspired there are just unlimited
as you can see, unlimited different styles that you can make with polymer clay with canes
with blends with techniques. And I really want you to get hooked on it and because polymer
clay is so light and easy to wear, they are the perfect thing to make polymer clay earrings
with. Alright, so do let us know if you liked this video. If you’ve got a technique, a tutorial,
a book, something that you would like me to review or demo for you, do leave your suggestions
in the comment section below and don’t forget, we have absolutely tons of videos that will
answer your polymer clay questions should you have them. Alright so we’ll see you next
time and bye for now!

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