hello there everyone this is Aritra… and i am going to start a podcast in this channel in this podcast in this podcast we will discuss about life in general and about some different understandings and approaches to life with our guests but here guests doesn’t mean that that person has to be known by everyone, that is the guest can be a regular guy here guest can be anyone because because everyone has a specific way to understand and see life and that can help others get a different view about the living or about life in general apart from this we will talk about independent music and visual artforms and try to know and understand the thoughts behing their creations this podcast will be shared by two ways firstly live from facebook,youtube and instagram and secondly by uploading this broadcast session on youtube facebook and instagram tv for the people to see, who wont be able to make it to the live session and…the live session will be an interactive session where the viewers of the live podcast will be able to interact with the guests live and for those who,who want to be a part of this podcast chat share their views and their creations and views with everyone they can give me a message on facebook youtube or instagram links to all the profiles are given in the description below our first podcast is coming on the 31st of August, Friday from 5pm in the afternoon(IST) LIVE and right after that it will be uploaded to facebook youtube and instagram so don’t forget to check out the live session because then you can interact with our guests so see you on the 31st of august Friday from 5 in the afternoon (I.S.T)…….on facebook instagram and youtube………….see you then.

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