Piercing entzündet? Was tun? – Piercing selbst retten!

Hello and welcome to this video.I’m glad you’re watching. My name is Sandro and I am Piercer and Bodymodder at DEVILS-ARTS. And it’s about a topic many people are already desperate about, namely sore at Piercings Maybe you have the same problem. You have a piercing that should have healed long ago but it’s sore. You’ve tried a lot of things. You still maintain it, you still disinfect it, you have tried many different products already Nothing has helped permanently you went to the doctor and he said “take out.” The piercer said, “Take out, heal, replunge.” But you don’t want that. You don’t want to take it out or stab it again. You want to save and keep your Piercing. Don’t you worry. The probability that you have to take your piercing out is very low. And I’ll tell you what you can do to treat your sore. But what if you just don’t treat the sore? Will it heal? After all, it came by itself Wrong! It did not come by itself, a sore always has a cause And this cause must be remedied Otherwise the sore will always be caused anew and cannot heal permanently. sores at piercings but not only look ugly or should disappear so that the piercing is saved but can possibly also become dangerous it can be that your body regards the piercing as a disturbing foreign body and repels it and works out with piercings in the cartilage it is even more dangerous In the long run, the sore can transfer to the cartilage. If the cartilage itself has a sore, then it looks very ugly and you can never fix this optic again. when piercings are near important nerves, like some face piercings the sore could spread to these important nerves and be passed on by the nerves. In the worst case up to the meninges and this can really even lead to severe disabilities. Now I’ve scared you enough. As I said before, you can do something against the sore and I’ll explain how to do it now. As I said before, it is important to find the cause of the problem. One possible cause is pressure If for example you have a piercing in the belly button and the belt presses on the piercing This could be a cause. But even if the jewellery pushes so if a ring is too narrow or a stud too short so that the balls push If a piercing is exposed to this pressure, then there will most likely be problems Another cause would be the material of the jewelry. if the material is inferior Or, for example, also with real silver The problem with this is that the material emits nickel. Of course, real silver is not an inferior material, but it secretes a lot of nickel. And therefore also not suitable for fresh piercings Even if you are not allergic to nickel, no jewelry should be used for fresh piercings, which secrets nickel because you can thereby also develop an allergy to it. Here you can see a picture as an example The customer wore unsuitable jewelry but not in the fresh piercing, but in the healed piercing next to it The secretion of the nickel has transferred to the fresh piercing and caused a sore A further cause could also be errors in the Aftercare It could also be little things you haven’t thought about yet. If all the above mentioned causes are fixed, then the sore is still there, but now there is a chance for healing. Now you should care your piercing again in detail in correct way as at the beginning You can also watch my Piercing aftercare video. There I explain exactly the perfect procedure. You can find the link to the video in the description below this video. Now you have a good basis for healing your piercing. Surely you would like to know which ointments or other products can help you additionally? Tyrosur Gel” is helpful for sores. This product is available in pharmacies. But this is a local antibiotic so you have to take antibiotics to use this product safely. You can often put on a lot of it. And always let it work for a long time Otherwise you can also use tea tree oil High-quality tea tree oil is very well tolerated and has a very antibacterial effect. But there are big differences in quality You should rather not use a cheap product from a discounter but a high quality product from a trustworthy piercing specialist shop. And to make sure that the product is really compatible, you should test it at another place on your skin before using it on your piercing. if the sore is so advanced that all these methods do not help even after some time any more Then the treatment must come from the inside For example, by antibiotics to take In this case it is advisable to consult a doctor. Then it is still not absolutely necessary to take the piercing out because with antibiotics it will heal then Unfortunately there are also cases in which piercings cannot be rescued When the body is busy with a big task like a pregnancy or a big injury So that the body can’t do both. Then the body will give up the healing of the piercing and repel it. Then there’s no chance of healing the piercing. That’s all I have to say on the subject. If you still have questions, you can leave a comment below this video I will answer you then on this channel more helpful tutorials will appear And also entertaining making-of videos I would be happy if you subscribed to our channel. If you don’t want to miss anything, activate the bell I’ll say goodbye. See you next time

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