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Pairing and using the Pokemon Go Go-Tcha while driving

Pairing and using the Pokemon Go Go-Tcha while driving

59 thoughts on “Pairing and using the Pokemon Go Go-Tcha while driving”

  1. Did you see my Opening the Pokemon Go Go-tcha video:
    Check it out on Amazon:

    In this video, I show you guys how to pair up the Pokemon Go Go-tcha by Datel. After pairing it, I show you guys using it while driving, so that you know you can actually drive around using it, and not be subject to speeds. Also showing you how it automatically catches Pokemon, and catches Pokemon while you are battling gyms and even spinning stops while in gyms.

  2. Anyone else having a bug where the hitch still locks on to Pokemon instead of spinning stops even though the option for catching pokemon is off?

  3. Ordered one yesterday. Does it work while your phone is locked? I.e. when I'm at work with my phone in my pocket

  4. Great video. I could not figure this Gotcha out. Poor instructions. Was ready to toss it before seeing your video. Helped immensely. 😁

  5. Hi, me and Val are watching this video together, its so cool. Be safe out there man, and thanks again for uploading

  6. How do you turn it off when you are ready to start manually catching Pokemon and then turn it back on again?

  7. Hello thank you for the video. Where the gotcha really shines? When you are driving it looks a little bit too slow, either I drive really really slow or it will miss almost everything, is it right? What about when I m out cycling? Same issue?

  8. Thanks for the video.

    Question: do you need to have the phone on the game to actually use the device or can the phone be semi-off in your pocket for example and as you’re walking it will still catch stuff?

  9. Which pokeballs does it use to auto catch? Does it use other balls if you run out. Example Say i have 20 reg pokeballs but i have 200 great pokeballs and 300 ultra pokeballs. Will the go-tcha keep auto catching until im out or just use one type of pokeballs

  10. This is my third gotcha.. first one broken. Second one can't connect and return for new one. Third one same as the second one. Can't connect. Bluetooth connection to gotcha app works. In- game doesn't work. Fail cannot connect. It worked before Halloween update. Do u think it's the update or my gotcha.

  11. Amazing device, i got mine a few days ago and i have already caught over 160 pokemon. it does get the odd flee but its fine. also at my work we have a poke gym and a pokestop. so i am always full of red balls now. cheers Mayte

  12. Great video seeing you can download the app helped as knowing what the animations on the gotcha mean was difficult and confusing but having the app option is nice and straight forward glad I watched the video.

  13. Mine is an check on the screen and and it doesn't work for automatic catch and spin…I don't really know how can I make it works
    Please give me a hint if you can :'(

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