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Necklace Haters Wear Chokers For The First Time

Necklace Haters Wear Chokers For The First Time

(echoing beats) (creaking) – So today we’re going
to be wearing chokers for the first time in our adult lives. (slow, dramatic music) – I haven’t seen a choker
in a really long time. Are they back in style? – I feel like they look good
on everyone else except for me. – Does Kylie wear a choker? – You have to be really
stylish, or just have like tons of cool points to pull them off. – I just don’t wear a lot of jewelry. I also dress a lot like a toddler, so I feel like chokers are maybe
a little too sexual for me. – I wore one once as a kid, and I didn’t understand
the concept of a choker, so when I had that choking feeling, I took it off immediately and like, I never pushed my mom to buy one. – Oooh, do I want something to
like strap around my throat? Do I wanna like, ugh? – Yeah, people. – Do I want that feeling of like? – Being, being strangled. (laughs) – I feel like chokers will like reach my inner sexiness. – I feel like people look
cute with it, though, so maybe it’s not so bad. – Oh, uh, we’re making the chokers today? (zipper zipping) – I’m really horrible at crafts. I’m really bad with my hands. – It’s just a necklace. I mean, it’s not like
we’re building a house. – Let’s, let’s go for it. We can do this. We are grown-ass women. We got this. – High-five.
(slaps) – I’m gonna make kind of a velvet choker with a little key charm. – Right where your finger is. – Yeah, oh my God, I’m so scared. Okay, it’s fine. – I feel like what I need to account for is when you’re like swallowing water, because right now I’m doing it so tight. – Do I have a nice neck? – [Woman In Black] It’s a normal neck. – You can do this. – Women wore chokers to remember people who were killed with a guillotine. Hard-core. – I think it’s a lot more stylish than like pins and stuff. – You know what always helps in times like this? – Tiny hands? – Glue. – It looks a little crooked. – Respetsy. (bell dings) – This is very therapeutic. Arts and crafts. – Ah. – [Woman] Well, Manet was
probably French, right? So Manet’s painting
ladies in these chokers. – These are very French. I feel like they always
wore them in Moulin Rouge. – Some people have
their different opinions about prostitution, but
in Europe, it’s legal. (bell dings) – Chokers start with guillotines. Then Manet paints a lady
wearing one, a prostitute. – [Woman] Then Royal people
started wearing them later. – [Woman] And then Royal people
started them wearing them, which is insane. – The rich always gotta steal. – Isn’t that always the way. It starts as something
for the lower class. Then, they’re like, we did this. – Now they’re making a
comeback, now, though. It’s like a big thing. – [Woman] Yeah. – All the teens wear them. – Do you like your choker? – I love my choker. – It’s so cute. – I guess we’ll see how we
like it the rest of the day. We’ve got a whole day ahead of us. (camera shutter clicking) – It’s cute. You look so nineties. – I do like it. You look like very African goddess woman. – Were you wearing that earlier? – [Woman] No. – You look like a Victorian bad ass. – [Woman] Thank you. – You look like Little
Bo Peep and Rhianna. – It’s very hip. – It looks very The Craft. – [Woman] Oh, I’m into that. – Yeah. – [Woman] I’m a little witchy. – Oh, I’m impressed. – [Woman] Oh, thank you. – Yeah, that’s awesome. – I think you look sexy. (choking) – Still, not super used to it yet. – I had to take my
choker off ’cause it was restricting my breathing. – The original choker that
I had on was choking me, and so I decided to put the
second one on that I made, and this one feels a lot better. There’s a lot more space. – So I’ve come to the conclusion that I might have made it a little too tight as I was trying to eat Cheetos. – It’s kind of a cool accessory. It’s just really easy, it’s really simple. It’s a little lopsided. (laughs) But, otherwise, I think it’s cool. We’re back. – Yeah. – After a long day of
wearing these chokers. – It went a lot better than I expected. I thought people would be staring at it, like why I are trying to pull this off? – I hate this. It makes me feel like I’m going to die. – There was like a pimple on your face, and how you’re the only
one who really notices it, but nobody else really does. That’s what it felt like. – I just really decided to take it off. Actually, I took it off
earlier, because I’m bad. – When I first had it, I
felt really self conscious, like I can’t do this,
I can’t pull this off. I was super negative. And it wasn’t until I got
feedback from other people. It was like, actually
it looks really good, it’s really nice, you look like this. And that’s when I started getting a boost. Like, maybe I can rock this. (camera shutter clicking) Maybe I am like secretly a
sexy bad ass on the inside and I just never knew it. – You know, I don’t normally wear jewelry but it was really cool,
actually, trying this ’cause now I think I like wearing chokers. – I don’t know about making them. Like definitely I’m down to
purchasing a few chokers. (groans) – Oh, it feels so fucking good. – Sweet release. – Lady liked. (laughing loudly)

100 thoughts on “Necklace Haters Wear Chokers For The First Time”

  1. I'm sorry,but I'm the only one who thinks chokers kind of don't look good with blondes,it's just that blonde hair doesn't go well with choker,but it's just my opinion

  2. I hate chokers cause I have this thing where I don't like things touching my throat
    Am I the only one who feels this way?

  3. They aren't supposed to be tight… They are called chokers because it gives the illusion that it's actually tight lol

  4. the girl with the braids who wore the lacy black choker looks like melanie martinez. any melanie martinez lovers here?

  5. I've always been a fan of chokers. I usually try to wear a choker along with a long dangly necklace along with it.. Dunno why.

  6. I love chokers, I feel cute in them but not quiet sexy but it makes me look more mature than I normally look, however I hate that wearing one means I'm trying to be sexy or the meaning behind it which is the separation of a woman's brain from her body, its basically the opposite of the idea of a strong woman or feminist. Basically my art history prof got me really conflicted.

  7. Chokers really frame my neck nicely, I always feel a lot more dressed up (even when casual) with one. I just wouldn't wear one that looks like it has a dog/cat tag on it.

  8. i wear a necklace every day, but i've never worn a choker expect for one in a jazz dance like five years ago.

  9. i have four chokers but barely wear them because every time i wear them to school someone asked me inappropriate questions.
    "why do you have a choker on?"
    "those are grown."
    "i heard that those are a symbol for s-"

    it's literally just a necklace that ties your outfit together. nothing less, nothing more.

  10. Well, the chokers I buy from stores are not tight, and they never choked me. I think they made them a little too tight🤗

  11. I feel like you have to have a very long neck to wear a choker. Otherwise it cuts your neck in half making your face look chubbier.


    I can't leave my bedroom without a choker.

    For most teens tho, they basically only wear a plan black choker, when I wear MANY DIFFERENT TYPES.

  13. since prostitution is illegal in France French men come to Germany to get what they need and I live very near to France in Germany and it is all over in the news I swear going out isn't funny anymore especially for kids

  14. They look cute but whenever I put one on it feels uncomfortable against my neck… I think my throat is claustrophobic

  15. I wore a choker once for Halloween and never again. I always felt constricted and would not be able to focus on anything other than that thing.

  16. Today was MY first time wearing a chocker 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. My mom do not like chockers, it looks like a dog belt to her XD good night earth, love from bangladesh😝

  18. Mesopotamians and Ancient Egyptians were the first ones to wear chokers, as believed!.Some good chokers for fashion trendy ones. (

  19. I usally wear them like it's so good when i put them i haré when i don't have them on it's feels uncogartable u know What i mean

  20. it made me laugh when my friends found out i wore a choker cuz and a lil while later i see my friend wear one,
    me:"i see your wearing a choker"
    her: "its not, its just a short necklace."
    oh god my friend is an idiot ( ಠ_ಠ)

  21. Just be real ,
    Chokers are a sign of sexual act …
    Quit making up excuses…
    Just like leggings are worn for that exact same reason (to gain guys attention)
    But the excuse is “they’re comfortable”

  22. I have a lot of necklaces but don’t wear necklaces and I have a lot of bracelets and chokers but I donnnnnt wear them 😂

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