Necklace Cord for the Knotted Bead Charm

hello my name is marion, with marion jewels in fiber now I’m ready to make the cord for this charm I’m going to make an 18 inch cord but you can make it 16, 20, or 21 inches so I just marked that corner right here and I’m gonna cut that cord with a thread burner because that way it will seal my ends and then take the end clasp and just pry them open so you can actually insert the cord into them so just apply a droplet of glue right onto the cord end bring in the cord end and insert it into the clasp and then with pliers, squeeze that clasp shut and you have to hold that for just a little bit while the glue is drying you now I’m ready for the other side so again a droplet of glue and then we bring in the clasp squeeze that shut and hold it with pliers let it dry for a bit so now the bead charm is ready to wear as you can see, these bead charms can be made in many different ways and with many different colors they were designed to go with the bracelet Trio the bracelet trio is a series of square knot bracelets that I designed with beads, rings or halos you can visit my website for more info thank you for watching have a great day, bye bye

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