Ey Yo good Morning Logang. Whats Popping? That’s My boy Bro YAA, DAB. Manager Jeff came by this morning, doing some buisness I got to say that my man you look good in that new Maverick Hoodie YAA, (link in the description) Oh My GOD, New Merch, I have a call Right Now Buisness? Buisness You gotta handle.. Because I’m not Doing that S**** We’re taking over. Dent the universe. always bro Every single day speaking of That. y’all know i preach being a maverick being different right Here baby That’s the M, but yo okay, Evan Don’t touch the hair he thinks he has better than me Anyways. YOYOYO what? That’s funny, you have a lot of jokes in your vlog, that’s a good Joke HOHOOOW, We’re not a joke Okay so this is Why i bring this up to “M” That’s our Symbol That’s the maverick Symbol yo What the F*** is this bro? WESTSIDE Hold up is that What that is? yeah Everybody Knows What that is. I’m Just Looking at It it’s upside down If you do it like This you get that “M”, Brandon can You see the “M” I got the “M” Hurry Up and get me upright. again OW OW OW OW OW You’re pissing of KONG You’re pissing me off You’re pissing on me Oh no it first it was a joke but he is actually pissing I’m gonna go over her, okay. Oh no Evan. I’m just kidding guys this is water Ummm, Yummy. Pffff *Laughing* That’s comedy GOLD I’m a funny guy, what did you expect. someone has got to make the vlogs better I’ll take care of That .WOOW. Yeah man What the f*** just happened bro. KOONNGG. Hi buddy, how are you? oh, you look ugly this morning Oh s**** thats not kong, hi baby. How are you Kong. MMMUAHH. How are you oh did you notice the other package we Got the mail over here check it out okay Good stuff Check it out logang. It’s the bFedEx package, bro i’m gonna save this for Later in the vlog but Judging by The title you probably already know what it is Yeaah(sh) *inaudible* You’re not funny, I’m the best, i’m coming Yeah he’s yelling about Stuff as Usual what did you say You’re not S***, You’re not S***, I make the vlogs better. WPPWOHOHOHO. I’m a MPS motherfucker Rocking It do Sky ride use went down doesn’t even like you Spin This fidget Until It stops in them a Bitch Having People Love My Jokes can We Just agree That People love us together If you agree i’m the best-Looking one here i don’t Know Granny What do you think? We Got Kong Kong’s hot for Looking at me is he dead car Car Hi you’re the best-Looking one here whoa you admitted It Replay you’re the best-Looking one no no, no, no no replay Already Happy What Stop The Mop is Just too long right Now like Evan was Kind of right This morning When he said he had better hair Than me? Dude’s Got flow and i got No, oh man My puns are awesome Anyways i need to find my dad later and Ask Him like What’s up with the mop dude Like Why he got to give me these mop genetics like What do you think bro Hey no more mullet neko Yeah like i did with my finger Guys Have you Seen My instagram Story i’ve Been Flipping Machetes Recently and I’ve Been Cut Like This Whole side of My finger i should Chill But Then again I’m Just Kidding Guys yo The mop is gone Coconut Head His bag Cut off the list yeah i know looks like i have a Bowl on my Head right Now but trust me Once i Shower do My Thing it’s gonna Be Great Good Luck to four more girls Have any Playing Game oh yeah No, i’m from Ohio No, but once i do my Thing it’s gonna be gravy i Just Said it over there he must i would Watch the vlog here yeah What do you think of my hair After I do My Thing is gonna be gravy though i gotta Say Like That hoodie Lydia Yo Brandon bro i don’t Know what have you guys like? What What i didn’t Say anything Is no no you didn’t cuz i’m trippin bro i’m freaking tired low gang You Guys Know how i Said i think i might be sick i think i am might take a Little Snooze bro Really Yeah I Mean Look This is a Great Way to wake Up he’s such a savage Man Why so horny all The time Carl oh my God He’s Just like His father? My dad brought you sushi Shot That is That’s right I’m not gonna lie low gang Up until this moment i had no idea you love me ma now i know Oh, no i do i Just Say You love me more Than that What’s his name Jake i love you guys Equally Let’s Say Are You leaving Tonight yeah you go back to ohio, oh? The Package Bitch What’s in the bar Ivan told me all day i know guys Brennan Asked me off-camera he was like yo What’S in that Package? for sure oh you Know i Know So i see he’s scared Mom’s gonna love that don’t not for her lydia look It’s my Big day Feel like i look so stupid right Now so let me elaborate a Little bit in the light Custom-made Diamond Maverick Gold Pendant With The cuban Link Diamond Joe i don’t even i don’t even know bro Here’s What i do Know how much do you think this cause i might Say It was Every Bit of 198 bucks more Than 198 bucks I’m an Expert in this Stuff Let me hold My uh Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Dollars oh? Jesus Christ That’s a Big i don’t know how you went from 128 dollars Two Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Oh you know what you said it is euro I’m Smart no yeah Because That’s Kevro Oh as if the maverick isn’t Already enough of like a Power Boost dude Performances in This Thing Music videos in This Thing oh my God Yo This Thing Brings Good Luck I’M starving right Now i did not order This did you order This Lydia This Food Chicken Matzo Ball Soup wow you didn’t order that no It’s like if car were to, have Grown Up and were to have Kept his balls maybe One day They would Have Turned into those? With My Natural Honey cocoa Butter Brilliant you Know What’s up with this guy bro okay Why are you distracting me with this with the Cafeteria Hey hold Up it’s gravy it’s gonna be gravy where i already Said it had Paul Rudd or frank I’M love you pow Saying dude why are you not talking you’re Real Boys dad paul how do you watch A dog dude there’s i fall or disagree you always have Been Always Will be Where’s the cocoa butter? Stop with the cocoa butter Frank don’t you give me my own Let me know if mike did create That you Good for a Survey so go ahead. Oh? you Got Bro What prove it you said you got Surveys you got i’m Pretty Is this solid gold Solid Gold I’M Break Guess How much it cost That’s My Doing That i could Get Kicked Out of This Place for like urine through The halls and Filming oh it’s already Kicked up Press release Won’t Get Pulled Out of Things to spends Money on there’s nothing Left oh? You Steal My Building Slowly You want to try the other pendant you try to flex that buddy yo calm Your Flex no spicy Ice god am i feeling Good in this i see Madrid Kinda Feelin Like a King Feeling Like a Congress Sad oh Man We have too much Fun here i still want to show Heaven ah? I didn’t want this moment to happen but my dad does have to go back to ohio You Love me more Than That other kid yeah Shut the front Door crap It’s my Big day car don’t stop okay close I’m Just Bored Everybody Just Spend Money i was talking to Jake about this too Cuz Jake Likes Buying Cars and Like we’re Just Bored and We Need Clickbait and Titles in Thumbnail and also The diamond Maverick is Just Such a Good Way to represent that Beautiful Bird yeah maybe Girls are Finally like You and like want. To talk to you probably not Hey avenue arse okay If you’re not a part of the family make sure to subscribe hit that subscribe button subscribe hit that subscribe button debby scuba scuba Diving okay Anyway if you want to get the maverick merch Logan Paul icons last shot at the logo baby Joined the movement Joined the Revolution We are Changing the World Every single day It’s okay to be different in fact i encourage It there’s This quote that has Been Said it’s really Famous you may Have Heard it before yeah Being Inspirational AnyWay The People Who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who actually do okay low gang i love y’all i will see you Tomorrow oh God I’m the microphone that Was

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