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My Magical Flying Carpet Shoes ~ Artemis Designs Review

My Magical Flying Carpet Shoes ~ Artemis Designs Review

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Hello YouTube family. I hope everybody’s doing great. Today, I am going to show and tell you about
one of my favorite brands, Artemis Designs. I love them for so many different reasons
and I’m going to show you the products that I have for them. But first, thank you so much for watching,
I really appreciate it. If you’re a regular subscriber, I love you,
it means so much to me. If you haven’t subscribed and you like what
you’re seeing, please do. It’s the little button right there, just
tap it, it’s free and it’ll mean everything to me. We are also on all the social media outlets,
everywhere: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter @thedressupmom #thedressupmom. I love to read the Wall Street Journal on
the weekends. They have this off duty section that features
different clothing brands and lines and I have found about so many great things through
that one off duty Saturday, Sunday section. Years ago, I was reading and they featured
a line called Artemis Designs. I was very intrigued, it looked very pretty
with the colors. The shoes that the featured are made out of
Turkish Flying Carpets, so old Turkish rugs repurposed and made into shows and handbags. Over the years I have collected four pair
of shoes from Artemis Design. I’m going to show them to you. Here they are. This is the first pair that I bought. They are the KILM, I don’t know how it’s
called, K-I-L-M loafers, again made out of Flying Turkish Carpets. I mean you have to feel a little magical wearing
a flying Turkish Carpet on your feet. They are beautifully made, they’re all lined
beautiful, real leather down here. One of the things that I like about the line
is that it is owned by a woman and she also utilizes a lot of women in the countries that
make the shoes for her. These are all handmade, just beautifully done. And, each one is unique. You’re getting a completely unique pair
of shoes because these carpets aren’t that big and they’re used to make a shoe. I have found that I can pair these with a
pair of jeans and a t-shirt and still look really stylish and nice. Or, they can really add an oomph to a nice
work outfit, give it some color and they are really, really super comfortable. The next pair is in these other pretty colors
because I needed a brown, pink or mustard type colors. Again, it’s the same exact shoe, but it
feels a little different because each of these carpets is a little different thickness. I will tell you if you are in between sizes,
go up a size. I think they fit pretty much to size, but
if you’re a 9.5, go up to the 10. When they first come, they might be a little
snug, because again, they’re all handmade. So, just put on a pair of thick socks and
walk around the house a little bit with a pair of big socks and then pretty soon you’ll
be able to wear them barefoot and be super comfortable in them. I’ve had these for years and they wear incredibly
well. It’s also really cool because they all come
with a little bag, they send you a nice shoe bag to put them in, in these fun colors and
you get a little coaster made out of the rugs as well that they just send with each of them
– a nice little extra bonus. This is the third pair that I got from them,
this is a little different. I think this might have been a limited design,
it’s based on Moroccan themes I believe. But, these are so comfortable, it’s like
wearing a slipper. But look how fun and stylish. Again, I add these to a plain outfit and they
look great. Or, even with a little dress because they
can be dressed up or dressed down. This is a really pretty suede and this is
leather, they lace up. Super comfy. Love, love, love them. This is my most recent pair, they just came
out with these, it’s a slide. Like a mule slide for the summer or even other
times. Again, so fun, so comfortable. A little Boho feeling when I wear these. They are a nice color. These go with all of my denim and other stuff
that I just love and again, add a pop of color. Those are my four pair of Artemis Design shoes. They also make these incredible bags, like
purses, handbags, travel bags out of the flying carpets which are really fun and other great
things. I hope that you guys check them out. I am not a paid spokesperson for them, I just
really love the brand and I think it’s really cool how they’re repurposing this into something
unique, fun and comfortable. I also love supporting a smaller line, a smaller
brand and especially that it’s woman owned and that she, again, uses a lot of women to
make the products. So, give them a try. If you have a pair, I would love to know about
the pair you have. If you try them let me know what you think. Thank you so much for watching this video,
I really appreciate it and until next time, dress it up a little. END OF RECORDING

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