25 thoughts on “Mother Sues Etsy After Her Child Was Strangled By Necklace Sold On Their Site”

  1. The no resemblance "mother" (even if it is the said, mother) should be held accountable! Give her life in prison!

  2. Why folk need parenting classes, that necklace could have broke and the baby choke on beads. In the blink of an everything goes into the mouth at that age. Day care is ultimately responsible, why was no one watching the kid, lawyer knows etsy got more money. Sorry the baby didn't survive 3 sets of stoopid adults, that's messed up.

  3. I sympathize with the child, but the mother is responsible for endangering her child and the daycare is responsible for not being able to intervene.

  4. Lol hoe did it on purpose her half mutt had no father. Who puts that shit on a infant….. now she wants 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

  5. I'm sorry for her loss but no parent should have a lack common sense kids can choke on anything why did she leave the necklace on when she wasn't there to take care of her son who in their right mind believes in a magical necklace that can stop teething pain. I think if this case goes nowhere means she settled out of court, I predict that Etsy will stop selling products for newborns, infants, and toddlers if it hasn't already

  6. Broken TORAH
    Disreguard for the LAWS of TMH
    Do not give your sons over to the beast or give your daughters over to the beast of the field. TMH will DESTORY anything that comes from the forbidden act. Israel do not marry or have children with these beast or TMH. Will DESTORY them.

  7. I don’t think that that necklace cute the baby I think that the people in the daycare cute that baby they probably strangle him with his necklace on

  8. I really wanted to try those necklaces. Good thing I have enough common sense to pass on that because the necklace could always fail to release… and I knew I wasn’t looking at SCREW ON CLASPS BECAUSE THEY AREN’T QUICK RELEASE SMFH.

  9. This is sad but I dont understand why people put necklaces on their babies, even if it releases the baby might eat it or a part of it. just not safe especially to leave it on overnight or unsupervised in general.

  10. Let me guess, no dad in the home so she needs $$$? Are we sure she didn't strangle her child with the necklace?

  11. Even if it was a gift…mothers should know that any type of item around a child's neck is considered a health hazard. I hate to say it but it's kind of common sense. If she wants to sue she should go after the producer of the item. This is not Etsy's fault.

  12. Truly, truly tragic. My heart breaks for this mother and family.

    Although tragic, as human beings, parents, adults, it is ultimately our own responsibility to take for our own actions. Choosing to put a necklace on the baby and then screw in the clasp does not make the seller’s fault. In this case, Esty clearly stated the responsibility and liability. The fact that it was a gift, is in no way the fault of Esty, the parent has the means in which to research the product. The next step would be to sue the gift giver… it never ends.

    It is my firm belief that one of the major issues we have as a society and country is that we continually seek to blame others for our own actions. “It's not the shooter fault, it’s the gun manufacturer”, “It's not the smoker’s fault, it’s the tobacco companies’ fault”, “It’s not the drunk’s fault, it’s the bartender or store or distributor that sold to, or served the drunk”.

    If our society would take responsibility for our own actions and not look to blame others (except in negligence, etc.) we would have a much better, safer, sane country.

    So very sorry for her terrible loss.

  13. So tragic but I would never put a necklace or string around my babies neck and definitely not to sleep in…. but I’m so scared of stuff when it comes to my kids . I test everything. I feel so badly for her friend who bought her the gift and of course the mom. Just tragic.

  14. So…you are suing a site that makes handmade stuff JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE STUPID ENOUGH to give a SMALL KID something he can choke on? WOW…America….I swear

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