Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Hunter Helper & Pendants

We also have a new feature
we’re calling Hunter Helper. For Master Rank users, this means
helping High Rank and Low Rank users. For High Rank users, this means
helping out Low Rank users. For those who help by accepting a request
to complete a quest together with other users, you’ll get a special slot
for rewards. Just one though! This feature is set up so that a helper
will receive a reward based on their rank range. Because of this benefit
to higher ranked players, we ask that those with more experience
help various other players so that they can claim their reward! There’s also a Trophy for offering
support to less experienced players in various ways. That’s right. Users who have updated to Iceborne
will be able to obtain an exclusive Trophy for helping out other players. Pendants, which are related to
Trophies, don’t offer any abilities, but these twirling and fluttering objects
are a great way to decorate your weapons. You can also get these
by helping people. There are other places
where you can get Pendants, as well. That’s true. You can get Pendants not only
by helping people, but also by advancing through the game. Once you have satisfied
the conditions to get a Pendant, you can go to the Smithy where
you can have it affixed to your weapon. There’s a lot of variation, so we hope you enjoy
your adventure by adorning your hunter the way you like.

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