Marvel PUNISHER solid bronze pendant / key ring – Lost PLA Casting at home

Hey guys,
Time’s got away from me a bit this week, so I’m sorry if this video is a little short
and sweet. Since I did my novelty bottle opener video,
I’ve had a lot of requests to do something else Skull related.
So I sat down with fusion 360 doing a little designing and what I drew ended up looking
like the Punisher logo, so without meaning to, this became a Punisher build.
Rather than making a coin, this time I went with a key fob, or key ring, whatever you
want to call it. As is usual now, I went with a vertical print
to ensure a smoother surface, but a little light sanding is still a nice idea.
And it was about at this point I wondered if I could make a ring from the same design.
And of course with Fusion 360, this was easy. And coincidentally, I’ll probably be doing
a tutorial on making this exact ring for my Patreon supporters in a few weeks, so to those guys, that’s something to look forward to. Unfortunately I didn’t listen to that tiny
casting voice inside my head as I set up the casting tree. It was screaming at me to mount the ring on the side, and not on the top, but I ignored it, thinking what difference
could it make. And that’s why we listen to that little voice guys. The ring is a complete fail. Thankfully these key fobs have turned out quite nicely. And here we go. Yes, there’s only 5, thanks to my son taking a shine to one and making off with it.
I haven’t really bothered with the backs as, well, I’m just bone idle. This one looks like he’s broken his nose, so I’ll probably keep him. But the other 4 will be on sale on my Etsy store – but not for long I’m guessing as these really are quite nice. You could use them as a key fob, and I’ll
be providing the split ring to accept keys, Or you could use it as a pendant. The choice is yours. People have asked me why I leave the background
rough. Well, it’s not really rough. It’s very fine printer lines and being where they
are its hard to sand and smooth. Also, I think it makes a nice contrast to the foreground. I hope you enjoyed this one guys.Take care and thanks for watching.

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