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Many Moons Pendant Tutorial by Wire Guild

Many Moons Pendant Tutorial by Wire Guild

this is a many moons pendant and it’s a wire wrap tutorial by Rachel Murgatroyd This is my many moons pendant so named
because little beads round the edge look like little moons so tools you need the usual array of
tools and you need approximately four inch of naught point eight mill round wire and 24-inch of naught point four mill round wire. A focus bead for the middle approximately 10 mill on then
approximately seven by three mill I’m sorry for all these approximates
but it’s totally depend on your bead, that’s my bead when it stops
running about it’s a piece of candy Jade and is
really lovely and I’ve had it for a while and then I want to show you something like this this is an amethyst nuggett and you get
them on strings and they’re really pretty but when you try
and put A wire through them, your stuck obviously, it won’t even go in that end you want something more substantial on
something like that not a little bit of fine wire but you could that for this pendant
and it would look gorgeous But I am going to use this piece of candy jade which is a 10 mill round and this is my piece of round wire that I am going to cut about 4 or 5-inch the reason I wanted to do a pendant with a round bead is often when you use larger round beads they
don’t look very good. So I am taking my finer wire and I’m just gripping between my thumb and my index finger and I’m gonna wrap round several times, There we go You can get some tension on that you see once you have it gripped tight, you can get tension If you have that tension you get nice even wraps. It’s when it gets loose that you get uneven bits Now if they aren’t as tight together as you’d like
push them up with your fingers so this is where our little moon beads come in and these are laser cut three mill silver beads and they look a little bit like frosty snowballs or moons they are my little moons anyway, slide that down your wire, I’m sure your wire won’t be anywhere near as much problem as mine is,
mine is really twisty Instead of just pushing it to the end pull it back a little bit and put your finger nail against the wire, and just push not hard it just puts a little kink in the wire and it makes the beads sit better so you can hold it then, and just bring your wire back up to the main Stem and wrap around do you remember to count so that you get the same amount in
between each bead because otherwise it’s just going to look a bit funny so I’m gonna go seven times around there before we add the next bead Now my wire was,…..sorry I know I’m
fighting with this out of shot. But I’m not doing anything interesting just gonna get that bead on, and it’s the last
piece of wire off the reel and because it’s been there awhile
it’s got itself work hardened and into this position so
it’s being really springy and awkward So lets just Aww it’s being a pain there we go get down so bead slides down pull it back, put your fingernail in and just give
it a little push There we go now I want those to stay in line with
one another push it into the right place holding it with your thumb and finger and then go around now remember to do
exactly the same wraps as you did the last time so I did seven
so do 7 again must admit sometimes I do get confused and do eight but we won’t tell anybody, Push it up Now line them up if there are not quite square give them a twist So there we go, we get them straight now I’ve got another one done now so it’s about
time to work out what size I want now the easiest way to do that is if I
straighten the end of the wire my very horrible springy wire and just This bead is so slippy Honestly springy wire and slippy beads what a day I’m having! Right just wrap that round and just there. I didn’t go totally tight to the bead it’s alright give me a good idea
So I’ve got a two-inch length of wire so obvious I need my binding and the beads
to be two inches long so I’m not going to make you sit there and watch me do all that again so………… just got that done TA DA… as if by magic right slide into the middle of your wire. Nope a bit further just ease it along just pull a little bit time and it’ll slide so you got
a nice in central You see all my beads are lined up my other bead now he’s going to go on. Now because
this is such a slippy bead I’m having to….told you didn’t I? there we got I’ve got it held now. So you can bring the wire up and around and all the way round so you’ve made um, a framework if you
like for your bead to sit in the middle it
gives your bead little bit extra round the edge so just gonna snip that end bit off there we go and then I will flatten that down with
some snipe or chain nose pliers I often find with round beads that
when you try and set them they end up looking like some kind of weird
upside down hot air balloon and people love…….. we all have them these wonderful beads
that we’ve got in our bead box that we just have no idea what to do
with. This is a way that you can use all
those beads and they’re really pretty and really wearable. Of course it doesn’t have to be a pendant like I’ve made you could easy adapt it and make a pair of earrings like this. So I……Very slippy bead is going to go in there depending on the patern of your bead maybe you’ve got one these gorgeous lamp work glass beads and it needs to go
certain way wire it in that way because my bead
doesn’t matter I’m just going to use the wiire exactly
where it is so Or I will if it stops… do you realise that this is an important part… throwing the piece of jewellery around the table is an important part haha.. So with my bead it doesn’t matter if the
wire is going through sort of on a diagnal some beads that may make a difference if for instance we had used the amethyst
bead I had earlier I have to put a separate piece of wire through from top to bottom But I like the way that turns, and it doesn’t matter that it is off center for this one so I just need to wrap this wire around what will happen is it will slip in
between those other wires so that you don’t even notice it and I’m going to get the other and and I’m gonna pass it back
through the hole so that my wire is back at the top, now when you wire is particularly awkward like this is and it’s hard so you haven’t gotten any sort of suppleness you have to be careful when you pull it
through, so I’ve put my thumb in the way, let me just show you as I turn the
piece I have tightened It against my thumb nail, That stops it kinking now as we get closer it’s twisted so I get my pliers and I am getting hold of that curl there and I’m just going to twist it probably not the right pliers but, they’ll do and twist it back so that it’s not twisting and then have another pull You see it’s not going to do it its gonna kink up So try and smooth it out with the pliers and have another go no it’s still bending, last resort put the pliers in, make sure there are no twists, no turns and leave the round nose, it has to be round nose to do this leave the pliers in there and when you
pull you pull against the pliers pull……Then you can slip the pliers out and it will pull the rest of the way through and you don’t get a kink in it If you’ve got, really awkward wire, most people will have nice wire and that won’t happen But I left it in because you never know one day you might have now what I have done Is I’ve managed to bring this wire out
on the wrong side it should be underneath that wire not over the top. So I am going to pass it back through and because of course its awkward wire it’s going to Yes it has caught on the bead just flick that off, mind you, you’d rather see me doing something awkward wouldn’t you? Rather than everything going perfectly
right you see it goes wrong for me as well a lot haha okay so… you could if you wanted
at this point just wrap this around a couple times and
trim it off. Then we are going to straighten up these wires here so push your frame in to place holding with my finger and thumb of my left hand Then get my pliers go straight over the top
where they are crossing and and squeeze and then they meet lovely Like I say you could chop this wire off but what I’m going to do just gonna go from side to side
and weave it it’s not really serving any purpose all it’s really doing is just given it
a little bit more strength at the top I think when you making things to be sold and your selling to the public it’s
always a really good idea to make them as strong
as you possibly can and the last thing you want a somebody buying a piece of jewellery and coming back in you know even in two years time and saying it broke or something like that so I’m just
giving it an extra layer. If any of you have watched my ring weaving tutorial you’ll know exactly what
I’m doing I’m just weaving backwards and forwards between the two
wires and I’m just going to trim that off now then I will press the whole thing down with my pliers make it nice and neat so you haven’t got any little sticky up ends, again its another thing if you making stuff to sell you really
can’t be doing with having any ends that stick up guaranteed the minute they try it on, it’s the first thing they feel then they will go Ooo no its scratchy now then so I’m…… going to use this is wire for a little bit
decoration some I’m just bending it forward out of the
way, I gonna use this wire to make my bail so round nose pliers again and just grip that I’m about halfway down
but these are wilbur’s so the have larger jaws so I’m not too far down I’ve managed to put the wire exactly where I
want to wrap it around so let me just get it out of the way shift! There we are. Grip on with my pliers again and I’m just going to wrap around the same way that you would do if you were
making a dangle for a bead Your just making that loop and were are just closing it off okay so only wrap around once it’s all it needs trim it off, piece of silver for the scrap pot. Now I know I’ve used silver and a lot of people content me and say can I use anything else? Yes of course you can use something else use plate, use niobium, use copper and it really doesn’t matter so let me have my bit fancy wire I can’t resist a little bit twiddle so my finger goes on and I’m just making a very natural curve It’s not a perfectly round circle I don’t want
a perfect circle I’m just using my finger, pressing my
finger on the edge and I’m just twiddling the wire around it
just gives you a I don’t know little fancy bit brought around the back of the bail and just going to snip that piece shorter and then grip the end with my round nose pliers and bend and grip, do you see I release the pliers and the grip (then bend) release and grip what that does is it takes that end piece of wire and it curls into a virtual circle chain
nose pliers go in to flatten everything straighten it up and lets have a look give it a pull and a poke push it about… Lovely. So I have a candy Jade planet with lots of moons thank you for watching I
have a new website coming soon which is going to called Wire Guild I’d love to see you there….Happy Wrapping!

41 thoughts on “Many Moons Pendant Tutorial by Wire Guild”

  1. There is a list at the start of the tutorial that gives the sizes of everything I used in case you need any of the other dimensions but the frame wire was 0.8mm or 20 gauge

  2. Rachel thank goodness you did a video… I've been waiting and waiting for what seems like ages. Love the pendant, even I should be able to do this piece. Love your video's, style and accent.

  3. Still in the design stages hopefully end of September – Well I'm hoping depends a lot on the web designers!

  4. Thanks Lyn – It was a bit late this month sooooo sorry but I have been so wrapped up with the new website that I am working on that everything else has been pushed on one side. I'll try to be more punctual next month LOL

  5. Hey don't worry about it I had to double check to make sure I had added the list, I'd forget my own head if it wasn't sewn on!

  6. Thank you for the video! Your struggle with the wire and the way you guided us through it was great ! I haven't done much wire wrapping, but love it !

  7. Finally! An honest video showing the pitfalls and how to work around them! Very pretty pendant. Thanks for sharing!

  8. We all struggle at times and you can't learn if every 'expert' (I use the term loosely) pretends that stuff like that never happens – It does we all get bad bits of wire of just off days I'm really glad you like the video – Happy Wrapping!

  9. All bits of leftover wire go into a scrap pot and every couple of months or whenever it's full I send it off to have it all melted down and they (cooksons in UK) credit my account with the value.

  10. Glad you like the tutorial, the wire I used is dead soft but you could get away with half hard if you wanted!

  11. Hi Rachel,
    Thank you for your lovely tutorial.
    I had great fun making it with an oblong bead.
    So glad you have problems with wire too,lol

  12. As soon as I get a spare day or two (that's roughly how long it takes to prepare a tutorial) I'll get a new one up, I'm in the middle of starting a whole new website that needs a back catalogue of tutorials so I'm rushed off my feet dreaming up and recording tutorials – But as soon as I can I sort another for YouTube promise!

  13. The wire was being really bad that day – I suppose I could have just started with a new piece and then you would all think I was perfect but I like people to know that I am no where near perfect and we all have days were it just goes wrong! Bet it looked great with an oblong bead – you could post a picture on my facebook page??? Would love to see!

  14. Hi,
    Well not as good as yours, did an oval bead as well.
    I don't do Facebook now, but can send in email if you have addy, then you could post it if you think it's good enough, lol..

    About time we had some more videos from you, otherwise we get bored, lol.
    Thank you.

  15. email on my website, Sorry about the boredom thing but I am making tutorials like a fury in preparation for the new website wire guild, as this is what will pay the bills I'm afraid YouTube has to wait just a little while until that is all sorted then we will be back to one a month!

  16. Just found you. Great tutorial. Working on getting my own stuff going, so I know about the time. Will be watching more of your vids. The wife and I work with many types of materials.

    aka The Talented Termite.

  17. I adore this.Β  I have some unknown stone beads that look like little planets and I am definitely using this for it!

  18. It is lovely to see that even the experts have a rough day.Β  I will make this for a friend's birthday, she will love it.Β  Thank you for a lovely tutorial.

  19. This was the 1st successful wire wrap pendant I have completed!!! Thank You for renewing my passion for this art!!! I was getting really discouraged πŸ™

  20. run away bead lol πŸ˜€ Slippy beads i like you your funny lol away's enjoy the phrases you use during your tutorials πŸ˜€

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