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Make A Touch of Class Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals by Fusion Beads

Make A Touch of Class Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals by Fusion Beads

[Cody] Hi, today I’m gonna show you how to make our Touch of Class bracelet. This sparkly bracelet is sure
to become your new favorite. Let’s take a look at the products and tools we’ll need to make it. (light upbeat music) For this project, we’re gonna
be using four millimeter Swarovski Crystal bicone beads in the Crystal Aurum two times. I have the Erinite AB two times, I have the Crystal
Light Opal AB two times, and I’ve got the Light
Turquoise AB two times. I have a 13 millimeter gold-filled
oval lobster claw clasp, I’ve got a closed six millimeter
gold-filled jump ring, and I’ve got two by two crimp beads and three point five crimp bead covers, and for this bracelet, just ’cause it’s so pretty and sparkly, I went ahead and I’m gonna
use the 24 carat gold Extreme Soft Flex beading wire. If you don’t want to use this beading wire ’cause it is a little bit more expensive, you could totally put this together with just the basic Soft Flex. And for my tools today
I have crimping pliers and wire cutters. You can find links to all
these beads and supplies in the description below. So, let’s get started. Okay, so to begin my project, I went ahead and I cut about 10 inches of the Soft Flex beading wire, because my bracelet once I
put on the lobster claw clasp, it comes out about seven and a half inches so you need those couple extra inches so that you can make your crimps. So, I’m gonna take one
end of the Soft Flex, I’m going to pick up one crimp bead and I’m gonna go through the
loop on the lobster claw clasp. I’m gonna bring my Soft Flex back through that crimp bead and I’m gonna pull it down towards my loop on my lobster claw clasp. You just wanna leave a
little bit of room there so there’s some movement. If you make it too tight
it could possibly break. So it’s always nice just to give it a little bit of freedom down there. So to crimp it, I’m going
to use the back notch first. I’m gonna crimp it one time, then I turn it and use the front notch and I normally crimp it two more times, but normally just one more time is fine. So using that back notch first,
I’m gonna crimp it one time, then I’m gonna turn it and
move it to the front notch and I’m gonna crimp it two more times just ’cause that’s how I like to do it just for good measure. Make sure it’s nice and secure. Then I always give my
Soft Flex a little tug just to make sure it is nice and tight and that it doesn’t
just slip out of there. Then taking your wire cutters, you’re gonna cut off your
tail for your Soft Flex, taking care not to cut
your working wire there. Okay, so now I’m ready
to string up my pattern, and this pattern is kind of a
little bit of color blocking. We start out with the Aurum, then we go to the Crystal Light Opal, and then it’s the Light Turquoise, and then it’s the Erinite, and these front parts are just broken up by one of the Aurum beads. So first, I need to
string up 11 Aurum beads, ’cause that’s what this
back part is made of is 11. And I just can’t get over how pretty and sparkly this
bracelet, it is so cute. Makes you wanna just have
an entire armful of these. This would be a really cute set if you took these same bead colors and just did a couple different bracelets in different color blocking,
that could be super cute. And it’s fun too for summer, it’s like nice and bright and reflective. So just wanna go ahead and
string on your beads here. I’m just gonna count and
see how many I have here. So we got two, four, six,
eight, nine, 10, and 11. Alright, so I’ve got my back part done and now I’m at the part
where I’m gonna go ahead and do my Crystal Light Opal here. So, I’m gonna grab three of those. Wanna string out three of those guys. And then I’m gonna string one Aurum bead. And I really like how
just the one Aurum bead kinda breaks up the colors in the front, it just gives it a nice framing. And then we’re gonna
do the Light Turquoise. So I grab three of the Light Turquoise. String those guys on there. And then I do one more Aurum. And then for the front
part I just go ahead and I string six of the Erinite. And the Erinite there in
front makes a nice little focal front part. These AB two times colors
are just so pretty. I just love the sparkle. So get your last two on there and then the pattern is just reversed. So I’m gonna grab another Aurum bead, then I’m gonna grab my Light Turquoise. Grab one more Aurum, and I’m
gonna do my Crystal Light Opal. And then at this point
I am ready just to do 11 of the Aurum again to finish off the backside
of my bracelet here. So I’m just gonna string up 11 of those. Okay, so I’m at my last bead here. Alright, I’m just gonna set
my little extra beads there. Alright, so I’ve got
my bracelet strung and, so got my pattern all
done and everything there. So now I’m ready just to
add my closed jump ring to the other side of my bracelet and that’s what my lobster claw clasp will attach to to close. So, to do that, same fashion as we did the first part of the bracelet, you just pick up a crimp bead, you’re gonna go through
the closed jump ring, and then you’re gonna bring
that beading wire back through that crimp bead. There we go. I’m just gonna pull it down here. Alright. Again, you wanna make sure there’s a little bit of movement there. You don’t want it to be too tight. So I just always give it a little bend to make sure it’s gonna
lay nicely and stuff and drape nicely on your wrist. So now I’m ready to go ahead
and crimp this other side here. So in the same fashion
as I did the front part, I’m going to use the back
notch first on my pliers. I just wanna make sure, ’cause it seems like it’s
got a little loose here so, there we go. Alright, so I’m gonna grab it
using the back notch first. Gonna crimp one time
and then I’m gonna turn and flip it to the front notch and I’m gonna crimp it two more times. And I’m just gonna give it a little tug. Make sure it’s got, it’s nice and tight there. Set that aside and now at this point, I am ready to put on my crimp bead covers. So to do that, you use the front notch of your crimping pliers. So I just always kind of pick
’em up with that front notch and hold it very gently, you don’t wanna smash it before you get it over your crimp bead. And you just put it over
that crimp bead cover. It’s a little hard to kinda show here and not have the fingers in the way. So you can kinda see there
it’s over that crimp bead. Doesn’t wanna hold still very good for me. Let’s try it again, there we go, and then you just gently close
it around that crimp bead and it just gives a nice
finished look to your bracelet. Then I’m gonna do the same
process for the other side, picking up your crimp bead
cover with the front notch and just sliding it over the crimp bead and gently closing it. And there you have this
A Touch of Class bracelet that is so sparkly. You can find all the products and tools for this inspiration
design at (light upbeat music)

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  2. If you had used a wire guardian it would have finished it off the wire showing spoils the effect 😊

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