21 thoughts on “Live Quantum-Touch Pendant Demo!”

  1. I have followed all your videos, some do not understand because I speak little English. I have a grandchild with scoliosis around 30% and I would like to know how many cesareans it would take for her to recover.

  2. So does it correct the spine or something? Where am i meant to be touching i don't really notice any imbalances on my head?
    Also where can you purchase this? is there a link? Thanks

  3. LOVE is the healing energy every single time. LOVE trumps ALL. <3 Thank you, Richard for the work you share with the world. <3

  4. Let me preface my questions by stating I was certified in TT (Therapeutic Touch) through teacher level back in the 1980's and I've seen plenty of evidence supporting the efficacy of energy healing, so I'm "the choir" here. I appreciate your videos as this adds another dimension to energy work.

    With that said, I'm a naturally skeptical person. I'd love to see this demonstration done using a piece of glass or a crystal in place of the pendant to see if your results are placebo. Double-blind, even better where none of the parties know which is which.

    This suggestion is from honest intentions and not meant to criticize, but I can't really see how this could be any better than simple crystals. It's a matter if intention. If not, then I'd like to see this tested more authentically.

  5. Just tested my occipitals they were very uneven, so not having a pendant, went ahead a ran some QT into them, then tested, they were even again. have only use QT on animals for the last few years. Might have to get the pendant. Have been into Qigong healing for a while now too, and found that I could get far better results than my teacher does using QT, he is amazed.

  6. I have a concern about the pendant. I googled quantum pendant and it came up that the pendants we're radioactive. Can you explain . Are your pendants coming from the same source?

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