Leverback Earrings How to Change Earwires

change earwires to leverbacks on earrings open close change pierced earring earwires how to use interchangeable leverback earwires hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you enjoy
wearing pierced earrings but you get tired of fumbling with the little backs
on the ear wires I recently found some sterling silver leverback earring wires and you can
easily swap them out for any of the wires that are on the earrings that you
already own sterling silver earwires prevents allergic reactions good for sensitive ears all you need is a pair of needle nose pliers the leverback earring wire has a little loop
take your needle nose pliers and bend the loop open now you can hook the
earring over the little loop of the earwire and change your earrings if you have this kind of a earwire back with a knob on the
end remove the earring back make sure this is open and then just slide the earring
back over and remove it from the earwire and you just hook the chain on the earring to DIY and repair earrings and bend the loop closed that’s all it is now you have your
earring on the lever back and open your loop slide on your wire and close the loop with the pliers
and the first pair of earrings is done look carefully at the loop some of them open
in the back how to change ear wires to leverback there you have it DIY leverback earrings change earwires on earrings if you want to make your life
easier and stop fumbling around with all those little rubber backs learn more at please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel

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