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Leather Bracelet size guide from Trollbeads

Leather Bracelet size guide from Trollbeads

Trollbeads leather bracelet comes in 3 sizes 36 cm / 14″ 41 cm / 16″ 45 cm / 18″ measure where your wrist is broadest Bracelet size 36 cm / 14″=17 cm or below / 6.7” or below=14” Bracelet size 41 cm / 16”=17-20 cm or / 6.7” – 8.0” Bracelet size 45 cm / 18″=20 cm or above / 8.0” or above put your favorite Trollbeads on the tails gather the two silver ends by using the double-ended lock use your thumb to hold the bracelet, and wrap your leather bracelet twice around your wrist find the hole that makes your bracelet most comfortable wearing cut off the excess leather – this way you always have a perfect fit

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