Learn how to make the Hexagon Earrings by Fusion Beads

Hi. Welcome to Fusion Beads. I’m going to show you how to make our Hexagon earrings. These earrings features the Sterling Silver
30 mm Hexagon Open Frames by Nunn Designs. I filled the frames using 26 gauge silver
Artistic Wire and 3mm Swarovski Crystal bicones in Indicolite, Light Turquoise and Light Azure. For my ear wires I went ahead and I chose
these TierraCast blank ear wires where you can form your own loop and add beads to embellish. And I went ahead and I added a 4mm Swarovski Crystal bicone bead in Indicolite for an accent. For my tools I’m using the Lindstrom Long Chain Nose Pliers, the Lindstrom Round Nose Pliers, some basic wire cutters. And then I have a little bit of Hypo Tube
Cement to dab on the ends of my wire when I’m all complete with my earrings. So before we get started I just wanted to
review this pattern real quick here so we get a good idea how we’re doing this component. So component is filled with nine rows of beads and starting from the bottom moving my way up. My first row here has six Indicolite beads. Second row has seven Indicolite. Third row is two Indicolite, four Light Turquoise and two Indicolite. The next row is two Indicolite, two Light
Turquoise, two Light Azure, two Light Turquoise and two Indicolite. My next row, which is my widest row, its the
widest point of the component, is two Indicolite, two Light Turquoise, three Light Azure, two Light Turquoise and two Indicolite. Then from this point on it just as a mirror
image of the bottom. So the next one is two Indicolite, two Light
Turquoise, two Light Azure, two Light Turquoise, two Indicolite. Then my next one is two Indicolite, four Light Turquoise, two Indicolite. And then I have a row of seven Indicolite
and six Indicolite. And as you can see on the side of this component here where I went ahead and wrapped my wire for stringing my bicones I did an individual wire
for each row. And I made extra wraps here on the side so
it like so it had continuous wraps. So there’s no spaces. If you’d rather just, you know, do a couple
wraps here on one side to secure it on each side. That’s fine too. I just chose to do some extra wraps because it helps space out your bicones too. Because, as you can see, depending on how many bicones you have in your row here they either kind of interlock or they sit kind of point-to-point. So let’s go ahead and get started! Okay. To start I’m going to go ahead and cut about six inches of wire. I’m going to go ahead. And I just like to run
the wire through my fingers to kind of work harden it a little bit. And also it helps straighten out the Artistic
Wire. Because its coming off a spool so sometimes it just helps straighten it out. Grab my component. I want to go ahead and I’m going to start
at the bottom. You could start at the top. I wouldn’t recommend starting in the middle on this design, just because to get the spacing of the wraps it’s better to start at the bottom or the top. So I’m go ahead and fold it over and wrap
my wire on there. And I’m going to start with three good wraps. And the three wraps will get me just enough off the bottom of the component to slide across my bicones. So I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to
pick up 6 Indicolite bicones to start my first row. This is a great design to use in a lot of
different colorways. I think this design would look really pretty
if you did Fuchsia, Rose and Light Rose. You could even do a solid color one. Or, I was even thinking you could do like
Jet, Crystal Silver Night and Crystal. And that could be really pretty too. You could really customize this earring design to any color palette or outfit that you might have in mind. So go ahead, so you got your six beads across there. And go ahead and do my three wraps on the other side. Again, make sure that your wraps
are going down on both sides. Not ones going down and ones going up. And that way it looks nice and uniform on
the sides. So go ahead and just got my three wraps nice and tight. And it fits in there. Then I’m just going to go ahead and trim it
with my cutters. And try to cut as close to the component as possible without cutting any of your supporting wires there. And then, I just use my chain nose. and I go ahead and I do tuck it in just a
little bit. Just to help it not get caught as I am continuing to work on the component. All right. So our first little row is done. It looks like that little bottom is still
popping up there, so I’m just going to hit again. There we go. Okay, so my second row is constructed in the same fashion. as the first one – instead of using 6 you
use 7. So again take one piece of wire and you anchor it on your component. I’m going to go ahead and anchor it with five wraps. And the reason you do so many wraps is that it help space out the beads. So that they lay inside the component and
not on top of each other. Okay, so I’ve got my five wraps there. I squish it down next to my first row. I just kinda pull it straight. And now I just string on 7 of the Indicolite. This design could also be really cute in just seed beads. You’d obviously have to figure out your spacing a little
bit differently. But that could be a fun way to use up extra
beads, too. I think you might have one too many on there. Two, four, six and there’s seven. Okay. Push it down here and then you pull it across. And then for the second one, which can be a little harder, you want to have this wire pop up in between the 2 rows. Then once you get it started it’s not too bad. You just pull it tight. Make sure it’s not overlapping on the side. And then just push it up again. And again you’ll do this you’ll do five wraps
on this side. So make sure it’s not laying over any other
wires over there. and one more Okay, so I got my second row done. Go ahead again. Just trim your ends. And if your tails start to pop up a little
bit, its okay. As we’re working through we’ll go ahead and check those all in at the
end. Okay. So I got two rows so far and I want to start
my third row. This is where a little bit of the pattern
comes in because on this row you’re going to go ahead and do two Indicolite, four Light
Turquoise and two Indicolite. So again the same fashion as you did the first two rows. Go ahead and anchor your tail on there. And I’m going to go ahead and do five wraps again. Just for the spacing. Okay. Got it across there. I just pull my wire straight across there. Just kinda help straighten it
out a little bit. And then I’m going to go ahead and pick out my beads. So you do to pick two Indicolite, four of
the Light Turquoise and then two more Indicolite. And it’s always good too to just like double check your pattern. Because nothing is worse than if you string
up a wrong bead and then you have to like cut something out. So it’s always good just to look through it. Make sure you picked up what you thought you picked up. So my beads are going all the way across here. And again on the opposite side I want to do the same amount of wraps as I
did the first time. So just go ahead and do six wraps on there. Excuse me. It’s five wraps. I apologize. That’s what I did on the other side. And again make sure you pop up in between those two rows so that you’re wrapping on there. And sometimes you can get a little harder
to wrap on the side when you’re doing the second time. Just because it is pretty tight in there. And you just need one more. If I can get it in there. And sometimes if it starts to get kind of tight and you want to get it laid next to the wire Just grab your chain nose and then it really lays it down. So I’ll go ahead trim those off. Just going to tuck in that tail. You can see it kind of popped up there. And that little one did too. So I’m just going to go ahead and continue
my pattern that I talked about earlier and wire wrap the rest of my bicones on this component. And we’ll be right back. Okay. As you can see I went ahead and I completed my component. Its all filled up with my pattern here. So I’m just going to flip it over and check
to see if they my tails need to be tucked in. If they do just use your chain nose. Make sure everything is laying nice and flat. Then take your Hypo Cement and you just need to just dab a little bit on the edges. Just ever so much. Just to keep the tails from getting snagged
on your clothing or your hair. Go ahead and you do that for both sides. It doesn’t take very much at all. Now that it’s done for both sides. Now we’re just going to set that aside. And then I’m going to go ahead and make my ear wire. So using this ear wire blank I’m going to
go ahead and slide on my bicone. These are great ear wires to customize and
to match your piece. I mean you can put a metal bead on here. You can put some seed beads. You can really do anything. So they’re kind of fun. Makes your piece a little bit more like custom. So gently do a bend, without breaking your
crystal, with your chain nose pliers. Just like you’re going to do a simple loop. And take your round nose and roll it back. Again gently rolling it back, to not break your crystal, into a loop. And if it comes out it’s a little wonky, kind
of like mine’s a little sideways there, you can just take your chain nose and you can adjust it here. So then you go ahead and you open it, just
like you would a jump ring, to the side. You slide on your component that is complete. And then you go ahead and close it. And now you have this cute little Hexagon
earring. You can find all the products and tools to
make this design at!

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