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Learn How to Make a Beaded Crochet Rope Bracelet by Fusion Beads

Learn How to Make a Beaded Crochet Rope Bracelet by Fusion Beads

(upbeat music) [Katie] Hi, today,
I’m gonna show you how to do the beaded crocheted rope technique. To show you this technique,
we’re gonna be working on a six spiral crocheted rope bracelet. So, we’ve picked out six
colors of size eight seed beads to work with and we’re
also gonna be working with our number eight Perle cotton thread, and you want this to be
kind of a matching color that goes along with the
beads, and the crochet hook that we’re gonna be
using is the number zero 1.75 millimeter Tulip crochet hook. To string up our beads, we’re
gonna be using a twisted wire needle and this has a nice large eye so it works well with the thread, and to sew up our bangle, we are going to be using the Tulip tapestry needles. So, let’s get started. To start, this is a little
bit different than some of the other off-loom bead stitches. I’m not gonna have you cut
your thread off of your spool. We’re gonna be just working with it straight off of the spool,
so it’s a little bit different than how we would usually start and tell you to cut off four feet or six feet of thread to be working with. You’re never gonna cut your
thread until you’re done making your project, so
don’t cut your thread. So, we’re gonna start
by stringing up all of the beads that we need
to make our project. So, I’m gonna thread
my twisted wire needle onto my Perle cotton thread here, and we need about 100 beads of each color, so 600 beads total to start working on our bracelet, and so I’m gonna start. I started by counting
out 100 of my first pile and then we’re gonna be
working from left to right just stringing up one of each color and when I’m done with this first pile I will have strung 600 beads, so we’re just gonna pick up one of each color across our row and string
them onto your thread. You’re just gonna keep on stringing until you have all 600 beads on your thread. So, this part takes a little bit of time to get your project
prepped and ready for you to start your weaving or your crocheting. So, go ahead and continue
stringing up all of your beads and we’ll regroup in a minute. Okay, so we’ve strung up all our beads, so now we’re gonna start
working on our crocheted rope. So, to start, we’re gonna be leaving about an eight to 12 inch tail on our thread and we want to create a slip stitch knot. So, to do that, we’re going
to just wrap the thread around two of our fingers and
put a little loop through that and tighten it up and that will go around your crochet hook. So, we’ve got our tail and we’ve got our side with our beads. We’re gonna be working a
six crochet rope, bead rope, and so we’re gonna start by doing a chain stitch to create our base of our crochet rope, and so I’ve got my silver bead as my first so
I’m gonna move that up close to my slip knot and my crochet hook and then we’re going to bring the yarn around the hook from the back to the front and that’s called a yarn
over, and then we’re gonna catch that yarn with our
hook and then pull through the loop that was on the hook
and that’s your chain stitch. Okay, and we’re gonna
keep on doing that with the next six beads to create the foundation of our beaded crochet rope. So, I’m pulling up the
next bead, yarning over, and pulling through adding
to my chain stitch there. Gonna do the same thing
for the next six beads. So, we’ve got our next guy, pull it up, yarn over, and pull through your hook. Your chain stitch, or your
chain kind of link here, might have a little bit of a curl to it but don’t worry about that. Here’s my last one, yarning
over and pulling through. So, I’ve got six beads here
that I’ve chain stitched. Now, we want to create a ring with these so we’re gonna connect them
and then we’ll start working on our tube shape for
our bead crochet rope. So, I’m going to push right
underneath that first bead getting my crochet hook there and we’re gonna push our bead over to the side, and you can see I’ve got a space here in between my first, I’m gonna pull up some more beads so I can work through
here, okay, so you then see I’ve got my space here
between my first and, well, this is my first bead that I put on, here’s the last bead that I put on, and my working tail is coming up here. So, I’m gonna push my next
bead in between those two and yarn over right in between them. So, you can see it’s sitting right there and I’m going to catch the yarn that I just yarned over and I’m gonna pull
through to the two loops that are on the hook and that’s
connecting my rope together. Now, I’m going to push
under the next bead. So, it’s brown and you can see
I’m pushing up a brown bead from my working thread and,
again, I’m putting it in between the space there in between
the last bead I added and the new bead I just went under and I’m yarning over and
I’m gonna pull through the two loops that are on again, and I’m doing the same thing,
just pushing underneath that next bead and pushing it
towards the back of the hook and pulling my next
bead up into that space, and see it sitting in there,
I’m gonna yarn over again and then I’m gonna pull through, and we’re gonna work this
way around for our six beads. So, I’m going underneath
the bead pushing it back, pulling my next bead up into
that space and yarning over, and then push under the next bead, push it back towards the back of the crochet hook pulling our next bead in and pulling yarn over and then pulling through the two loops there. Okay, that was my last bead. So, you can see by doing the six colors, your colors are stacking
on top of each other, so you kind of know if you
have a silver bead here, you’re gonna go through
a silver bead next here. So, that kind of will help
guide you around the chain, ’cause, at this point, it
still looks kind of like a little rat’s nest or bird’s nest. It’s a little bit misshapen and hasn’t come into its tube shape yet. At about four or five rows, it will start to look more like a tube shape and you’ll be able to see
the shape of it forming a little bit more, but
we’re just gonna continue moving underneath the
next color, pulling up the matching color, and yarning over, and then pulling through the two loops. So, we’re gonna continue working
that way around the rope. There’s no step up in between your rows. You’re just gonna keep on working around in a circular motion. So, you’re gonna go under, push over, pull up your next bead, place it in there, yarn over, and pull through the two loops, and just keep working around. Again, that’s about three rows there and it’s still, not everything is looking quite right yet, but don’t worry, it will. So, we’re at about four rows at this point and you can start to see that your tube has started to make a
little bit more sense and you can see your spiral starting to form there and your beads are sitting. The ones that have been
finished are sitting horizontally and the ones up on the top
are sitting vertically. Okay, so we’re gonna keep on going and feel free to adjust your thread and how you’re holding it. I like to wrap the thread around my hand and then have a couple
beads sitting underneath that I can push forward with my fingers into place, so whatever
is comfortable to you. I’m gonna start working more in real time here so you can see. We can work there. Push under the bead, click it over and keep going. So, we’re gonna work this
way until you’ve reached your desired length of your bracelet. So, there are going to
be a bangle bracelet and it does have a
little bit of give to it, so you can make it maybe
a little bit shorter than you normally would
’cause it will stretch a little bit as it’s
going over your wrist. I’m gonna be working to about seven inches and then we will show you how to sew
it up into a bangle shape. (calm acoustic music) Okay, I’m gonna keep on
working ’til I’ve finished my entire bracelet and I’ll be right back. Okay, so we’ve completed
our crochet bracelet and we’re ready to
connect the ends together. So, on our finishing end,
you wanna just make sure that you’re starting and
stopping on a complete row. So, I started my end over
here with a silver bead and so, to complete that row, I need to end on this dark blue gray color. So, that is what I’ve
done, and I’m just gonna go ahead and trim my tail so that I have about a 10 to 12 inch tail there, and on this end, we’re gonna go ahead and pull that tail through
this last loop here and that kind of finishes off this side. Okay, so, now I’m gonna go ahead and take my tapestry needle and we’re gonna thread the starting side with
your tapestry needle, and with this side, we’re gonna go ahead and string right up through
the center of this tube on the other side, so we’ll
kind of connect these this way and we’re stringing about a
quarter of an inch, an inch down through that tube and that’s all we’re gonna do on that end. Just let your tail kind of hang out here and that kind of brings the
two ends together like so and you can pull it apart and together, and then we’re gonna go ahead and thread our tapestry needle on our other end now. Okay, so, let’s start
sewing this together. So, you wanna make sure that
your ends are coming together so that your twist, your
spiral, will keep continuing. So, we’re gonna match color to color and we’re stringing
from, we ended over here on the left side and we’re
gonna sew over to the right side and so we’ll sew zig-zagging back and forth from one side to the other. So, on the first one, we’re
gonna go through the silver bead and you’re just gonna bring your tapestry needle underneath that thread connecting it to the
center of the tube like so. Go ahead and pull that tight and now, we’ll go over to the
other side to the silver bead and we’re just gonna
catch under the thread that we would have been going through with our crochet hook there and we’ll pull that side together. So, that’s pulling the
two silvers together, and we’re just gonna continue
that same zig-zag across all the way around until we finish. So, I’m gonna go down underneath the thread on the brown
bead and then come across and catch the thread there,
and on this seconds side as you’re catching the beads
on the side you finished, that is turning the beads so that it’ll be facing the same direction. You can kind of tug this nice and tight but you don’t wanna go too tight. You want ’em to sit nice together. Okay, and then we’re gonna
go over to the green, a light green, and hook under there, and then go over to the other side and go through the green there, and I just kind of roll the rope so that my colors that I’m
working on are on the top. You can kind of just spin
it around as you’re working. So, now we’re gonna go
over to the dark green side and the dark green on the other side, and just continue around until
you have reached the end. So, now we’re at the dark
blue and the dark blue. Okay, so we’ve sewn all the way around and you’ve just created the
invisible join on your bracelet. So, to just secure this a little bit more, we’re gonna take our thread and sew back down the center of
this tube, so just kind of bury your needle in so that you
can get into the tube part and you can feel it
when you’re in that tube and just kind of sew down until you can come out a little ways down and I
just do this a couple times and that will just finish
off your thread there, and when you feel like
you’ve gone far enough, just do a couple, you can go ahead and trim your thread with your scissors and I’m just gonna reinforce
this side one more time. Put my tapestry needle back
on the thread from this side and then just sew down
the center of the tube a little bit further on this side, and trim your ends. You can find all the products you need to make your own beaded crochet
bracelet at (upbeat music)

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