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Learn how to create our Strength Morse Code necklace by Fusion Beads

Learn how to create our Strength Morse Code necklace by Fusion Beads

[Allison] – Hi, welcome to Fusion Beads. Today I’m gonna show you how to make the Strength Morse Code necklace. This necklace is made using silver beads and gold beads to create
a personalized message using Morse code. Morse code is a system of sending messages that uses long and short
sounds, flashes of light, or marks to represent letters and numbers. It’s a fun way to express yourself through words and phrases, and it’s also a great
way to share messages between loved ones using a unique and personalized jewelry design. (upbeat acoustic music) To make this necklace,
you’re gonna need 12 3mm sterling round beads, six 3×2 gold-filled crimp beads, one 9mm sterling
oval lobster claw clasp, two 5mm sterling
19 gauge open jump rings, two sterling cord ends which fit this
0.8mm beading chain, and we’re gonna need
about 18 inches of that, some chain nose pliers,
cutters, and Super New Glue, and of course our printout of the Morse code alphabet;
you’ll also need that. You can download the
PDF and print that out on our website. You can personalize this jewelry design using any words or phrases you would like by following each letter
of this printout here. Today I’m going to be
using the word strength in my necklace, as you
can see right there. You can find all of these product links in the description below. Let’s get started. To start off, you just
wanna cut your beading chain to your desired length. I like 18 inches for my necklace. You can make it longer, shorter, just depends on what you prefer. You take your beading chain, and then we just wanna follow the Morse code alphabet here. What we have on our
website is a PDF download, and you can print that out
so you just have it handy while you’re making these jewelry designs using the Morse code. What we have here is each
letter is represented by a dot, dash, a combination of both throughout the whole alphabet here. You can just follow this using beads and then longer beads. I’m using 2×3 crimp beads. You can also use bugle beads or two beads in one color to just represent it being a longer mark. But today we’re gonna
use the word strength, so we start out with an S. There are three dots. To represent that, I have
these three beads here. You just wanna string those
onto your beading chain. One more. You have your three beads,
and that’s gonna represent the S in the word strength. The next one is a T. The T here is just a dash. I’m using, again, those 2×3 crimp beads. I think that makes just a
perfect little dash mark for this design. Then you just string that on your beading chain. Now you have an S and a T. We just wanna follow
that Morse code printout to finish spelling out the word strength. You can see I actually have one right here where we have the S that we did and the T. Then the R is a dot dash dot as you can see here. E is a dot, so we use a bead. The N is a dash dot, so we did the dash dot here to represent the N with
the bead and a crimp bead. Then the G, dash dash dot. T is just a dash here again. Then an H is three dots, which we have these, sorry, four dots, which we have the four
beads here at the end. As you can see, it just
spells out strength. You can just have that
all strung up together on your beading chain for a really cute personalized necklace. Once you have all of
your beads all strung up on your beading chain, you just wanna take these ends here. They’re little cord ends
used for, obviously, cord, or you can use for beading chain. These just work really
well to attach the ends of your chain here to your clasp. To do that, you just wanna take a little scrap piece of paper, or I like to just use a little section of a little plastic baggie. You just wanna take your Super New Glue and we’re just gonna dab a little bit here just on your bag. Then you just wanna take the
end of your beading chain and just drag it through. Then we’re gonna take the end here, and you just place that beading chain right into that cord end. You just want to set that down. Let it dry. Repeat for the other side here; just drag the end. Then again, we’re just
gonna set those there and let them dry for at
least five or so minutes before we work with this necklace again. Once you’ve let the ends dry, we just wanna add our clasp. To do that, you just
wanna take your jump ring and your chain nose pliers, and then you just wanna open it up, bringing one end towards you, one away. Attach that cord end and then attach your clasp. Then you just wanna close
the jump ring back up. There you have one end. Then you just wanna add a
jump ring to the other end so you can connect the clasp to it. Again, just open that up, one towards you, one away. Close it back up. There you have your clasp. Then you can just attach
that lobster claw clasp to the jump ring on the other side to secure your necklace. Now that you see how it’s done, you can use the Morse code printout that we have at to create tons of different
personalized jewelry designs using different words and phrases, and you can just have
a lot of fun with it. You can also find all
the tools and materials to make the strength Morse code necklace as well as the I Love
You Morse Code bracelet at For these, we used the
international Morse code, and that is pretty much
the standard of today. We also have the American
Morse code available. That was the original version, but the international
Morse code is the standard. If you liked the video,
please hit the like button. If you’re new to our YouTube channel, make sure you click the
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