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Learn how to create our Seafoam Summer necklace by Fusion Beads

Learn how to create our Seafoam Summer necklace by Fusion Beads

– [Allison] Hi, welcome to Fusion Beads. Today I’m gonna show you how to make the Seafoam Summer necklace. This multi strand necklace
is a great statement piece to show off your style this
summer or any time of year. It features an assortment of glass beads, including seed beads, fire
polish beads and pinch beads as well as this really cool
Grace Lampwork focal bead here, front and center. (upbeat music) To make this necklace, you’re going to need size 11 seed beads in nickel-plated and the white lined, transparent medium spring green, size eight seed beads in nickel-plated and silver lined opal mint green and turquoise permanent matte galvanized. You’re gonna need 4mm
Persian turquoise fire polish beads, 5 by 3mm turquoise
opaque pinch glass beads, 6mm green
turquoise fire polish beads, a sea foam florals lentil focal glass bead by Grace Lampwork, 14mm round wire circle component, 6mm Peter
classic bead aligners, 30mm plain cones here, 16mm toggle clasp, 22 gauge head pin here
with a 2mm ball, 2 by 2 crimp beads, 22 gauge tarnish resistant silver wire and then you’re going to need
your Soft Flex beading wire, your round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, crimping pliers, wire cutters and then this tape measure here, you can use to measure out the lengths of each strand of your necklace. And you can find all
of these product links in the description below. Okay, let’s get started. All right, so to start your necklace, you first wanna cut about a
3 inch length of wire. I would just wanna create a
wire wrap loop on one end here. So bend your wire, about an inch or so down, just bend it. 90 degrees. Then take your round nose and just about 3/8 of an inch or so out, and a little more than halfway down. Just rotate wire around your
pliers to create a loop. Now you just wanna grasp that
loop with your chain nose. Okay, and then you just want
to wrap that wire around. Total of three times. So it’s nice and secure and then we’re just gonna cut that
tail using our wire cutters. Okay so there’s one wire wrap loop on the end of a three inch length of wire. And you’re just gonna repeat that for another 3 inch length of wire. Okay, so now you wanna cut a
22 inch length of beading wire and you just wanna string a crimp bead on that beading wire and
then you want to take one of those ends, the wire wrap loop and just string through there and then
bring it back around and through crimp bead again. And then you just wanna bring that crimp bead up close to that wire wrap, just so it’s sitting
right there next to it. And then you wanna take
your crimping pliers and this back notch here, we’re just gonna place that crimp bead. And we’re gonna give it a good
squeeze and crimp that down. And then you wanna turn
it, 180 degrees here, And then this front notch,
gonna place it again. And you’re just gonna give it a good crimp and you’re just gonna fold
it over on itself here. Okay, and that’s gonna just
make that nice and secure on that wire wrap loop. So then you just take your wire cutters trim the tail and there you
have one strands attached here. Your wire wrap there. And now we just wanna string our beads. So, I’m first gonna just
start with a 6mm of fire polish beads. And you don’t have to string them in any particular order, necessarily. You have nine strands and you just wanna, one by one, so I’m just going to string until I get to 16 inches,
like a 16 inch length. So when you feel like
you’re getting close, you can just take a tape
measure and just measure. Once you get to 16
inches then you can stop. So I’m gonna go ahead and keep stringing, and I’ll be right back. All right, so once your
strand is 16 inches you just wanna repeat what
you did on the first end here. You just wanna repeat
that for the other end. So I just wanna take another crimp bead, just string that on. Take the other 3 inch length of wire with the wire wrap on the end and just string that through. Okay, then bring it back, around and through that crimp bead, again. Okay, you just wanna pull
tight, make sure the beads are up close to that crimp bead and that the crimp bead
is right next to the loop but giving it a little bit of wiggle room. You just wanna take your
crimping pliers again, this back notch. Place that crimp bead,
give it a good squeeze. And then you just turn 180 degrees, put it in that front notch, and give it another good squeeze. Okay, that just folds it over. Then you just wanna
take your wire cutters. Just cut the tail. Okay, so there you have
your 16 inch strand attached to both ends here, of these pieces of wire
and so now all I need to do is repeat and do the
eight remaining strands that I have for this necklace
just repeat the crimping with the 22 inch length
of your beading wire. And just string each bead 16 inches long and then just attach it
to the other end like so. So I’m gonna go ahead and do that. And I’ll be right back. Okay, so I’m done stringing
up all my bead strands here. They’re each 16 inches long and there’s eight different
beads used in this necklace. And there’s nine strands here. So you can see that just
two of these strands use the same beads and there’s this, just those size 8 nickel seed beads. Okay, so once all of your
strands are connected to the wire here, you just wanna take the circle component, and just attach that or string that down through all strands. Just bring that to the
center of your necklace. So it’s sitting right in the center there. Okay so, just put that aside. And we want to add this focal here to that circle component. So to do that, just take your head pin here and we’re going to add a
bead aligner, facing up. And then the bead, you can see that aligner
just sits nicely right inside that hole, it’s a larger hole so it just will make it so, the head pin here, it’s not gonna wiggle around
and it’s just gonna stay in place, okay. And then add the other
bead aligner facing down, again, just fits nicely right inside the hole of the bead. Okay, so from here we just wanna add our wire wrap loop here at the top. So just take your pliers, 90 degrees. And then you just wanna create your loop. And then that loop just goes through and attaches to that circle component. And then you just take your pliers, your chain nose, hold that. Hold the loop, just grasp that there. And then you just wanna wrap, your wire around, just until it’s snug
against that bead aligner. Okay. And then you just wanna
take your chain nose, trim the tail. And then you can use, or
take your wire cutters and trim that tail. And then you take your chain nose. Just gonna tuck the wire tail. Okay. So there you have, your focal now just attached directly to your circle component and now from here, we just need to end our
necklace using these cones here. All right so to end. Side here, we’re just gonna
place the wire through that cone and you see that all these beads just sit nicely right inside and up to the cone there. And then right at the end we’re just gonna string one
of the size 8 seed beads and then we wanna create a wire wrap loop to connect one end of our toggle here. So, again, let’s bend 90 degrees, 3/8 of an inch out. Just bring your wire around. Just create nice loop there. And then take the end of your
toggle clasp and attach that by, bringing it, connecting it to the loop, holding that loop with your chain nose. Okay, and then just, bringing the wire around. Total of about 3 wraps or
until it’s nice and snug, up against that seed bead. Take your cutters. Just cut that tail. And then just take your
chain nose, I like to just tuck the wire tail here. Just make sure it’s nice and straight. Okay, so there is one end. And now we just wanna do the
same thing to the other end. So, again, just take your cone. Just bring it all the way
up, so the beads are just inside and just nicely along that cone, and the bead, the seed bead. And then just going to
create another wire wrap. Bend 90 degrees, about 3/8 of an inch out. Let’s rotate. Create a loop. Okay, and then just attach
the other end of your toggle. Again, just grasp that loop. Chain nose. Wrap that wire, just wrap it around until it’s snug up against that seed bead. Cut tail. And then just tuck the tail in. You prefer just using your chain nose, I just like to do that,
just makes it nice, make sure everything’s nice and straight. Okay and there you have your other end. And you can see that
these two cone ends here have the toggle attached so it will be secured just like that. Now you have a colorful and
stylish new necklace design that adds a fun look to any outfit. You can find all of
the tools and materials to make this multi strand
seafoam summer necklace design at (upbeat music)

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  1. Very pretty necklace–looks pretty easy 'til the wrapped loops begin…Thanks, Allie, for sharing this project with us.

  2. Very nice. Although I find it easier to make jewelry (or do anything, actually) without long nails. Wish the camera was pulled out a little so I could see the bigger picture. You go off screen a lot.

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