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Large Soldered Rhinestone Flower Earrings

Large Soldered Rhinestone Flower Earrings

hi this is Jan with Jan’s Jewelry Supplies
welcome to another soldering video today we’re going to be making these
flower earrings that are accented with butterflies we have a detailed supply
list at the end of the video but we’re going to be using some 35 by 10 navettes
16 millimeter rivolis 14 by 10 pears 13 by 8 pears some smaller ear clips
connectors jump rings head pins and some filigree just to use as a base we’re
going to be using some 300-degree solder and some 450 degrees solder wire as well with these earrings I will be using a
heat gun most of the time but I will also be using a torch I’m going to start
by making the antennas for the butterflies I’m just using a two inch
head pin and I am going to cut the head off and then cut it in half and then I’m just going
to bend them in a half just evening them out
before I roll them and I’m going to take some
round nose pliers to roll the edges I need to make one of
these for each butterfly so I need a total of four of these little
antenna pieces now that I have my antennas done I’m going to go ahead and lay out my
play-doh and start making my butterflies I’m going to go ahead and
make two for the first earring I have the butterflies laid out and I’m
going to take a small piece of play-doh just to brace the antennas just want to get the antennas in between
the two 14 by 10 rhinestones I have everything in place so I’m going to
begin soldering using my torch and 450 degrees solder and I’m going to solder
the butterflies together and the antennas to the butterflies I’m using
the 450 degree solder so that whenever I go back and use the heat gun with a 300
degree solder it will be less likely to undo the work that I’ve done I say less likely to undo
the work that I have done because the heat gun will eventually get
hot enough to melt that 450 degrees solder again so you want to be careful
not to undo what you’ve done one of these butterflies is going to be
behind the air clip and above the flower for the earrings so I need to attach two
jump rings the jump rings are going to be attached to the smaller pairs at the
bottom of the butterfly and I’m just rolling up some play-doh to brace the
jump rings and I’m going to go ahead and use some 450° solder on those as well I’m going to need some kind of metal to
set on top of the stone so that the butterfly can be soldered to the top of
the stone I’m using this filigree and I’m just cutting it because it is a
little bit pliable it is brass it’s plated brass but you know whatever you
have around as long as it’s not aluminum and that it is pliable you can use
something else you could do is just take some craft wire as long as it’s not
aluminum and wrap it around the stone the only thing is once you’ve soldered
it to the side of the stone you will still see that wire on the back side you
could come in and after you solder you can come in and clip the bottom of the
wire and and file it down I’m just going to go ahead and use the filigree but I
just want to give you a different option just gonna lay the navette on this side
and apply a little bit of solder and I am using the 450 degree solder on this
along with the torch because I will be doing more soldering and I don’t want
this to come undone whenever I apply more heat later so I’ve got the solder
on one side you do want to make sure you get the play-doh off to do the other side I going to apply more solder to the other side you want to make sure that the area that
you soldered is clean and then I am going to go in and put the filigree on
there and I’m going to reheat it and I want to apply just a little bit
more solder to make sure it’s secure I know it’s hard to see but I do have
the filigree wrapped around not all the way around but down both side across the
top of the stone and down both sides okay I’m going to go ahead and start
laying out the flower piece and just make sure to place your navette with the
metal or the filigree or whatever be used wire make sure you have that
positioned where you want the butterfly once you have all your pieces laid out
you’re going to add a jump ring to the to top the navettes you want to make sure
that they do line up with the jump rings that are at the bottom of the butterfly now I’m just using some
play-doh to brace it again I’m just going to use my heat gun and my
300 degree solder I am going to make sure the tips of the new vets touch the
16 millimeter rivoli and also solder in between each one of the navettes to
solder them together I want to make sure that my little
filigree piece is completely clean and then I’m going to go in and add some
solder to the top of the filigree and this is where I’ll be placing the
butterfly or one of the butterflies that is now that I have my solder laid down
I’m going to place the butterfly on top of the filigree where I have solder I am going to use some pliers to hold it in
place while I apply the heat and I just want to apply enough heat to
where it will reheat the solder so that the butterfly will stick to it I am going to take the butterfly with the two
jump rings on it and I am going to go ahead and add clip to the back of it I’m
going to apply some solder I’m just going in and bracing the antennas just
in case they get too hot and the solder starts to melt for me to go ahead and
place some solder mostly in the center but a little
bit up on the 14 by 10 pears I’m using a third hand or helping hand
to hold my ear clips in place while I reheat the solder and I generally have a pair of pliers on
hand to put a little bit of pressure on there clip to make sure it does adhere
to the solder now that I’ve cleaned up the two parts
of the earrings I’m going to go ahead and put them together I have this little
connector and it’s just a C connector and these are pretty small but since I’m
using two I thought I’d use these smaller ones and you just place the open
C onto your jump ring and then close it do the same thing with the other side with these connectors I like to just go
ahead and push them together the two ends together they are fairly small and
they’re going to be more secure if you just push the two ends together I’m just
going to do the same thing to the other side I’m just going to clamp it down on
the jump ring at the bottom and I do the same thing at the top I just wanted you to see here is how I push them together so
basically it leaves a loop around each of the jump rings and the center has
pushed close together so it’s secure and for the other earring you’re just going
to do the same thing that a reverse image and I finished up the second
earring and got them all cleaned up and here’s the final product thanks for watching and
we’ll see you next time

3 thoughts on “Large Soldered Rhinestone Flower Earrings”

  1. Amazing video! Keep ‘em coming
    A video teaching us about stone sizes and setting sizes would be so helpful!

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