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Jewelry Photography : Style a Long Necklace for Product Photography

Jewelry Photography : Style a Long Necklace for Product Photography

Hi. I’m Micheal Seto. In this clip we’re going
to talk about how to style and shoot a long necklace. There’s a couple of choices when
shooting a long necklace. You can try and shoot it from an angle, and that way you’re
focusing on hopefully the pendant or the part of the necklace that’s most interesting or
you can shoot it from top down. Let’s say I have the pendant on the floor, have the
camera on a tripod and shoot down to get the entire necklace. So it’s a couple of basic
ways to shoot a necklace. Usually with a long necklace that has a pendant, you really want
to focus more on the, the pieces of the pendant themselves. It’s a style choice, but it really
is a choice of your client. Do they want to say maybe take a low angle here with the,
with the necklace itself in the background? There’s many ways to style this to get that
to look interesting as your shooting a low angle into the piece that focuses on this
and then you got a little bit of the necklace in the back. Or, if your client prefers, they
want a top down shot then the, the pendant itself of course will be smaller relative
to everything and will require slightly different styling. So with a long necklace, there’s
several ways to shoot it and you’ve just got to play around with it, see what looks good
for you but most importantly what your client likes.

2 thoughts on “Jewelry Photography : Style a Long Necklace for Product Photography”

  1. what lens do you use when doing a top down shot… ive got a 90mm 1:1 tamron lens however i have to stand quite far away to get a full shot?

  2. I loved the entire collection of your video clips on jewellery photoshoot; your instructions and explicit yet precise. I am helping one of my designer friends for photo shoot and I am sure with help of your video clips, I would be going a great job. Thank you!

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