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Jewelry Photography : Hang a Necklace for Jewelry Photography

Jewelry Photography : Hang a Necklace for Jewelry Photography

Hi. Michael Seto here. In this clip, we’re
going to talk more about shooting a necklace and making it look natural. Now, we had talked
in one of the other clips about a white-on-white necklace, long necklaces, short necklaces,
and shooting them while they’re laying flat. How do you style them; how do you approach
it; what sort of angle? I talked about shooting sort of low, coming in focused on the pendant
with the necklace tracing out the back. As well, I mentioned another way of shooting
a necklace is you can shoot it down, you set it down on the floor and you mount the camera
above it on a tripod and shoot down. And that way you get the real circular nature of the
necklace. The third way to shoot a necklace is with the set up we’ve got here. And that’s
having the necklace hanging naturally. So, what we’ve got here; I’ve just got two of
our third-hand instruments that I mentioned earlier. They’re very handy for holding up
go-bows or anything like that. And in this case, we’re using it just to hold up the jewelry
so it drapes like it would look when the person is wearing it. Little details are important.
I put some paper in between the chain and the alligator clips here, just to protect
the jewelry. You always want to make sure you are taking care of the jewelry that was
entrusted to you as a photographer. Even though you are insured as a business, the last thing
you want to do is damage your client’s piece because often you are shooting a unique piece
and they are showing that to clients and it’s not yet manufactured. So again, taking care
of the pieces are important. So here, really the third way to shoot a necklace; have it
hanging naturally, and that way it looks the way it would on a person. Thanks for joining
me for this segment of how to shoot jewelry. We talked about a lot of things. I’m a professional
photographer based out of New York. I do a lot of jewelry work. If you have any questions
on that or other aspects of photography, please visit my website, Thanks
a lot, and have fun doing your photography.

3 thoughts on “Jewelry Photography : Hang a Necklace for Jewelry Photography”

  1. Hi Mike,just started shooting some jewelery for my neice.I have been doing it for about three weeks now.I am more of a portrait with the occasional landscape photographer.I had already worked most things out but the hanging of the earings or the third hand holding the neclace i had not yet got around to…thanks a million,a great set of instructional videos….

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