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How to Wear Heavy Earrings

How to Wear Heavy Earrings

I love wearing long dangling earrings
and sometimes they can be pretty heavy so this video is all about two unique
ways that you can make them much more comfortable to wear for as long as you
want we’ll get started the first tip is to
use surgical tape surgical tape is porous and it is designed to be used on
skin so this is a hundred percent safe Get about an inch, about that
much and make sure the sticky side is in front and you flip it onto itself so that it’s
essentially sticky on all sides like that then you put this behind your ear
and make sure to try to line it up to where your ear hole is push the
earrings through the tape and voila easy this is the side without the tape and
this is the side with the tape you can tell that this side is a lot higher it
looks closer and it doesn’t make my earlobe droop as much. My second
technique involves some thread and a bobby pin what you do is you take the
thread, you cut maybe about 10 inches of it, take one end of the thread and fish
it through one of the holes of the earring further up towards the base.
Create a loop, tie it together so it’s connected, now I have a piece of thread
attached to an earring, then put the bobby pin into the hole. Put the earring
on normally and then take the bobby pin, which is now connected to the earring
via the thread, and pin it into your hair. I take the bobby pin and I clip it
somewhere into my hair further up like this and then voila most of the weight
of the earring has been taken off of my ear and if I show you, you can see that
the thread here is doing most of the heavy lifting so you can just cover the
whole thing with your hair and people will be none the wiser. Thank you for
watching my video I hope that it was helpful for you if you enjoyed it give
it a thumbs up or share it with someone else and if you didn’t like it
no hard feelings just hit that dislike button twice see you next time bye

11 thoughts on “How to Wear Heavy Earrings”

  1. which hack is steadier/less likely to fall after long hrs? thanks dear u have such a clear and soothing teaching sound, most ppl in other vids babbled too much and taught poorly.

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