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How to Wear a Ring | Rings and Finger Symbolism Quick Video Tutorial

How to Wear a Ring | Rings and Finger Symbolism Quick Video Tutorial

So you’re interested in wearing a ring. Maybe you’re getting married and wonder what
your options are. Maybe you’re about to graduate College
and you want to know how to wear a class ring. Or maybe you’re just looking to add a bit
of style to your hand. Whatever the reason, you want to know how
to properly wear a ring so you can avoid making any obvious mistakes as you incorporate this
timeless accessory into your wardrobe. In today’s video we’re going to discuss ring
symbolism and the what wearing a ring on each finger means. But before we get into that lets lay out four
ground rules on how to wear a ring. Rule number 1 Pay attention to the traditions of your country or culture. Some cultures that are more conservative will
tell you that a man should only wear a wedding ring. Others may find it acceptable to wear as many
different rings as you like. My advice is wear what you want but understand
ring sends a signal. Rule number 2 Pay attention to the proportion. If you have small hands you’ll want to stick
with smaller proportioned rings, such as thinner bands. If you have larger hands you will find that
thick bands with a heavier built will compliment you best. Rule number 3 Try to match your metals Maybe you find that you gravitate towards
gold (warm tone individuals), or maybe you prefer silver (cooler toned individuals). Whatever the case may be, try to go with one
color metal. Rule number 4 If you’re going to wear multiple rings
try to create a balance across your hands. Avoid wearing all your rings (assuming 2 or
more) on one hand along with your watch. It’s better to spread your accessories across
both hands to create balanced even look. Now let’s talk about the cultural significance
of each ring finger. Let’s start with the finger that most of us are familiar with the ring worn on The ring finger gets its name because across
many cultures the wedding ring is worn on this finger. In much of the world, the wedding ring is worn
on the left hand’s ring finger, though in Eastern European countries such as Ukraine,
a wedding ring is worn on the right hand’s ring finger. Typically a ring worn on the fourth finger will
be a simple band made of silver or gold. When it comes to astrological symbolism, this
finger represents romanticism and creativity, and is associated with the moon. Now let’s move now to the Little Finger aka
Pinky Finger. The pinky finger is historically a favorite
finger for men to accessorize. Because the pinky is on the edge of the hand
any ring on this finger is going to ber more prominent Certain professionals have traditions of ring on this finger The most notable is The Iron Ring worn by
many Canadian engineers. The Ring is a symbol of both pride and humility
for the engineering profession. When it comes to astrological symbolism, the
little finger represents the god Mercury. And is associated with intelligence and persuasion. Next up is the Middle Finger (aka long or
tall finger) You won’t often see a ring worn on the middle
finger for practical reasons; it often gets in the way of the index finger when performing tasks. If you do decide to wear a ring on your middle
finger it would be wise to wear a relatively streamlined design; a bulky ring will be more
likely to get in the way. When it comes to astrological symbolism, the
middle finger is associated with Saturn and symbolizes both balance and responsibility. Next up is the Index Finger (aka pointer or
trigger finger) So if you go back hundreds of years, rings were
commonly worn on the pointer finger, especially when it came to signets or family crests. For this reason the index finger is a great
choice when it comes to class or fraternal rings. It’s also important to note the index fingers
place in culture, religion and historical teachings. Just look at the painting. The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. It’s
symbolism as a oneness with God. When it comes to astrological symbolism, the
index finger is associated with Jupiter and represents power and authority. Finally let’s discuss the Thumb
Though uncommon, thumb rings have historically and still are worn in some cultures around the world. Thumb rings symbolize wealth and influence,
thus a bulkier ring is often used which balances out nicely with the thumb’s larger proportions. Like the pinky, because the thumb is on the
edge of the hand. So a ring worn on the thumb is going to be more prominent. If you want to wear multiple rings on the
same hand, a thumb ring is a good choice to help distribute the rings. This finger does have astrological associations,
but they are individual and often interpreted based off thumb length, feeling (hard or soft)
and straightness (or lack of). So there you have it. Rings are and have been a classic piece of
mens jewelry dating back thousands of years. So take the information in this video and
go buy and wear your ring with confidence. For a detailed guide on the rules and symbolism
of wearing rings, check out the article and infographic at

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  2. Wedding ring:
    Right hand: Poland, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Chile and Venezuela.
    Left hand: France, Sweden, Ireland, Egypt, Brazil, USA

  3. – A ring on the thumb is often viewed as a symbol of homosexuality.
    – A black ring on the middle finger of the right hand is a symbol of asexuality.

  4. πŸ‘Ž in America, we do what we want . no rules. This is why we are hated by all. No one set rule

  5. i heard there was saying that you would wear your class ring on your left ring finger, and when you graduate you would switch it the right ring finger is this true?

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