How to Use Pinch Bail Pendant and Earring Findings

Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this is Julie with I
wanna show you how to use these new pinch bail findings for earrings and pendants and
I have a couple examples here that I’ve worked up and they create a really nice sleek
design you can see that the bead is actually
just suspended between the two prongs of these pinch
bails. I’ve got two different earrings here worked up. So here’s what
the finding is gonna look like and of course it comes in different styles got a tighter swirl, a larger swirl, you
got this great archway that looks actually like an
awareness ribbon even and then you’ve got some hearts as well.
Kind of silver-plated, nickel-plated and I wanna show you how you’re gonna
open these I’ll do it with a silver plated heart one and I’m gonna make an earring. All you’re gonna need to make a pair of earrings is two pinch bails, you’re gonna need two earring hooks and two beads I’m using eight-millimeter beads in
this one and you wanna check the description on the website because the prong length varies depending upon
the style I’ll hold this up so you can see. So check
the website for measurements. We’ll list that. It’ll give you a clue of what
size to use so I’ll show you how to make an earring and I’ve got two earring hooks, two of these great heart-shaped pinch bail findings and I’ve got two eight-millimeter beads. I
thought a little pink bead would be really pretty for this. So I’m going to carefully pull the sides apart. You don’t wanna pull them
too far apart because you don’t want to distort the shape too much. I’m just gonna pull them
enough to just get the bead in there I got the bead over the one prong just gonna work the second prong into
the bead and push it back in place and that is gonna hold it. So that now is
what an earring looks like and then to just put the earring hook on. Open up the simple wire loop at the base slip it on, close it up and there you have a very pretty little earring
and you can see that there’s a little bit of give in there but that’s okay because
those prongs are far enough into that bead, that the bead is not going to slip out but you do want to pinch it as much as you can. Again here’s a couple
other examples really a very pretty elegant earring can be created with not
very much work and then of course if you don’t want to do earrings you can make these into pendants and just hang one from a chain and that
is how to use the new pinch bail findings for
pendants and earrings which you can find on Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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