How to Use a Leverback Earring Card Punch

The leverback punch makes it easy to create your own earring cards. And it’s a very simple operation. It’s a patented tool, and you just press down on this lever to make your own card. So, I have some pre-printed paper here, and you just want to make sure that it slides in and is, you know, aligned properly on the paper. So, you can cut your paper ahead of time then just press down. What you get is a leverback earring card, so it’s easy to create paper or cards that use your own brand You know, you can pick something that looks really good with your own work. And, it’s very simple, you just press forward from the back a little bit so that you can get the earring through there and then you just position it like so and clasp your leverback and you are good to go. You could also use this with kidney earrings or you could use it to hang a necklace. There are lots of different ways you can use your own leverback earring cards.

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