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How to use a Brooch-to-Pendant Converter

How to use a Brooch-to-Pendant Converter

Go to for all of your beading supply needs! Today I’m going to teach you about a little
device that we sell here at called a brooch converter. It comes in a
horizontal or vertical style. And it comes in gold tone and silver tone. This ideal if you have an old antique brooch
that you want to convert into a necklace or if you just made a brooch and you decide
maybe it’ll look better as a pendant. So here I have a brooch with a horizontal pin back. All I want to do is open it and slide the brooch converter on. And then close it back up. And there you have it. It’s ready to hang. Same principal with this except that the bail
is vertical instead of horizontal. So if you have a pin that you’d like to hang and it has the pin going vertical, you would
use this one. And once again you would just open it up,
slide your brooch converter on, close it up and it is ready to hang on your favorite
necklace or chain. And there you have it. That’s the brooch converter from Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

11 thoughts on “How to use a Brooch-to-Pendant Converter”

  1. We don't have any info from our supplier as to whether it is nickel-free or not. Usually they tell us if it is and since nickel is such a popular bonding agent during plating, we never assume that it is nickel-free unless we are directly told by the supplier.

  2. It will really depend on the placement of the pin back on the brooch. If it is centered, there will be more flopping forward, if it is higher up, it should be okay. I think it also really depends on the particular brooch and it's weight, each one will act a little differently.

  3. These are great. I have a brooch with a longer pin so the converter would slide back and forth since it is too short. Are there longer ones?

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