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How-to: The Alhambra Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

How-to: The Alhambra Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Hey guys DeShea here with The Oily Amulet and today we are going to go over how to start using and defusing with your brand-new 316l stainless steel bottle pendant now this design is Absolutely, beautiful. I Have named it Alhambra After the Alhambra which some of you may know is the palace and fortress in Spain It’s a very beautiful intricate. So the great thing about this bottle pendant is That you can be carrying your oils with you as if you’re on a trip or Going somewhere and you don’t want to be carrying a bunch of different oils on you. Maybe even on a plane So it comes apart like this, but here’s the little secret see that little hole right there. We’re gonna set this down This little hole Is actually a cap there’s a little rubber gasket And you’re going to put your essential oil directly in there your undiluted essential oils can go directly into This cylinder you’re going to pop that top right back on And again, this is 316L stainless steel the bottom is textured So give you a little more grip. It’s very smooth and That hole opens to the bottom now check that out There are three little circular felt diffuser pads in here Now the trick to getting these out is that you’re gonna have to have a toothpick. Most everybody has these in their house But you’re just going to put the toothpick Let’s see, we’ve got them popping out Now each one of these necklaces whoops each one of these necklaces comes with three felt diffuser pads Inside of the necklace when you get it. So they’re already going to be in here and Then you’re going to get an additional three in The back of your package and you can see the Euler amulet packaging Has all of the directions that you were going to need to start using and caring for Your brand-new necklace as well These necklaces will last you a lifetime if you take care of them So to put the felt pads back in you just want to start popping them back in it’s as simple as that Okay, I’m gonna use my little to kind of shove them back in there Once you get your oil in here, which I’m not gonna put oil in right now This is one of my samples that I show people this has been an extremely popular necklace at festivals for me So all you do to defuse is turn this baby upside down The oil from the cylinder is going to drip Down through that hole with your little rubber gasket So it’s not gonna leak on you right? It’s going to drip down and it’s going to saturate your felt pads How awesome is that? You will be ready to start diffusing in no time. Great for your trip a Weekend trip on a flight or wherever so you don’t have to take along all of your oils with you keep your anti stress blend anything you want in this little cylinder and Then when you when you need more when the aroma starts to dissipate Just tip it upside down and you’re gonna get more oil on those pads and you’re going to smell it even more right? so If you guys have any questions, as always, please feel free to email me or message me I hope that you love this necklace as much as I do because it is absolutely gorgeous, so the chain is 18 inches with the 2 inch extender again. This is 316l stainless steel the pendant and the Necklace are above 316l stainless steel You can always upgrade your chain to a longer chain if you want we have those available on the website as well it has a nice wide bail right here so it can fit a variety of Necklace sizes. All right guys, check them out it the oily amulet calm. Thanks for watching

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  1. Unsure of why the second time I said Alhambra it sounds like AL-HOM-BRO! LoL Excuse my raspy voice today – allergies 🙂

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